Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla Flavor

First released in the late 1940’s, Bonomos Turkish Taffy has become one of the most beloved candies of all times and is the hallmark by which all Turkish Taffy is compared

Quick facts

  • Rich vanilla flavor just like you remember
  • Display box contains 24 individually wrapped bars

Top reviews

As Good as the Old Days

Bonomo Turkish Taffy was really big when I was a child in the 50’s. It was popular and easy to share when you broke it into pieces. I was tickled pink to be able to order some and introduce my daughter to an old favorite!
BorisMalaga, NM

Not good at all

Waste of money! The candy is terrible. Nothing like the candy I got when I was little. Absolutly no flavor. Very disappointed!
RudolfPesotum, IL


This junk is made with mono and di-glycerides, egg albumin, and artificial flavor – it’s soft and mushy and tastes NOTHING AT ALL like the original Bonomo Turkish Taffy. Shame on the company that bought the name and put it on this much inferior product.
GlynisFlaxville, MT

Bonomo’s NEW Turkish Taffy

Nothing like the original Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy. Flavor was not the same, the Taffy stuck to the wrapper and I had to peel it off, the Taffy was suppossed to be hard so you could crack it, the new Taffy is very soft.
CristopherAlexis, NC

Turkish Taffy

I looked for this for years. It was my favorite as a child. It’s comforting to me as I ate it at the beach in the summer staying with my grandparents. I tried other brands, but Bonomo is the best!
TieraMount Prospect, IL

Fond memories relived!

I think we all have some item from our childhood we wish we could experience again but it’s gone. Turkish Taffy was that item for me. I was so excited to see it is available again but figured, as some other candies from childhood, just wouldn’t taste as good as the memory. Wrong! It tastes just as good as I remember! Having a box of mixed flavors is terrific too. I should put in an order for more before it’s gone!!!
YerKent City, MI

its back

it taste the same, its sweet,so everything is the same so everyboby get ready lets all “SMACK IT TO CRACK IT’ AND ENJOY.
MosheUpper Marlboro, MD

Still The Best

I was so delighted to find this stuff at Amazon! I’m back to reorder — it’s exactly the way I remember it from decades ago. Please keep it in stock!
RoseannaNew Milford, NY