Bonomos Turkish Taffy ~ Strawberry ~ 24 Ct Box

24 Strawberry Turkish taffy bars 1.5 Oz. bars The original~ First you smack it, then you crack it!

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This is not the same taste or texture as the old Bonomo! I ordered the strawberry because it was the most flavorful, but this has very little taste to it at all. There is no creamy sensation when eating it, and, it’s very soft. The old one used to be harder so that you had to suck on it for awhile before you could chew it. This is more like a flatter version of Laffy Taffy. What a disappointment!
DavidCowlesville, NY

Turkish Taffy Returns

Being a taffy enthusiast I was thrilled to find out that Bonomo was re-releasing it’s famous taffy of the 60’s in all 4 flavors. So I quickly ordered this pack of Strawberry and was not dissapointed. It is my personal favorite flavor. The package came quickly and in perfect condition. That is until I opened it and began consuming them rapidly. A wonderful product and seller.
ShonaHowell, MI

how to used

just 8 to 10 seconds in mirowave and you have a crew that last and last a real stick up.
ParticiaNorth Pembroke, MA

This is NOTHING like the original Turkish Taffy

Shame on the company that bought the name and put it on this stuff made with artifical flavors, mono and di-glycerides, and egg albumin – this soft mushy stuff is NOTHING like the original Bonomo Turkish Taffy – don’t waste your time or money.
RamonViewtown, VA


Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla Flavor (Pack of 24)
I have been married for 38 years, and my Wife has been driving me crazy about how much she loved this Turkish Taffy for at least half of that time. Of course, anything my Wife wants is usually not available anywhere in the world, so I was suprised when our Daughter told me this stuff was avaialable on Amazon, and it was the REAL STUFF. It is the real stuff, and I got a box of strawberry, and my Wife is now much happier than she was before. Not only is this taffy tasty, you get to play with it as well as eat it. Put it in the fridge for a few minutes and smack it on the table, and then eat a few of the small pieces, works for me, I just hope she doesn’t tell me she would like to own a 58 vette next.
EladiaMilton Center, OH

I Love This Stuff

This is the candy of my childhood and I’m glad to see it back. Now a whole new generation of children can rot their teeth too. I’m only kidding folks. Like any candy, in moderation and brush,brush,brush. Try some I dare you! Its great.
BernettaCorning, IA

Turkish taffy

It has been 30+ yrs since I last enjoyed this candy 🙂 Glad to have it back
SherlyWeston, OR

Turkish Taffy

This is the candy from my childhood. I remember getting this as a treat from my grandparents. My grandfather showed me how to smack it against the countertop and it would break into several pieces inside the wrapper without a mess. Then I could open the wrapper and eat the pieces of taffy. It is still as delicious as I remember. Great!
CiaraElberta, AL