Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree – Small eugenia myrtifolia

Brush cherry bonsai tree, water 2-3x a week Indoor bonsai

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wonderful bonsai

this was my first venture into the bonsai world. i saw a similar tree at a family member’s house. i wasn’t so sure about ordering on line, but it turned out to be a great surprise. the tree was beautiful ( a bit smaller that i imagined, but that is fine). it has been thriving on my window sill for almost 2 months. the instructions in the package were easy to follow. (i also did a bit of research on the type of tree i ordered– the brush cherry). my only suggestions is that it should have been sent with a humidity tray. (or that option to buy one at the time of purchase should have been offered.) when i realized i really needed one and called for the company, they were very friendly, but did not have a tray that would fit the pot they sent the tree in. i rummaged around my house and found something that works, but would much rather have had a matching tray. if you order a tree (which as i said is beautiful and came wonderfully packaged and in great shape) i would make sure you state you want a matching tray.
ClarenceHammonton, NJ