Bonsaiboy Flowering White Jasmine Trachelospermum Jasminoides

The Jasmine is a bushy vine which we have trained into tree form. It has shiny dark leaves and fragrant white flowers. The waxy snow white flowers are about 1″ across, borne in clusters of 3-12 and intensely fragrant. They fade to pink as they age. The White Jasmine blooms throughout the summer and almost continuously in warm climates. Great indoor bonsai.

Quick facts

  • Recommended indoor flowering bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy.
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended.
  • 6 years old, 12″ – 16″ tall.

Top reviews


I love my little bonsai! My only complaint would be that it hasn’t yet flowered, and I’ve had it for 6 months. Oh, and it ships in an unusual way – wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box with packing peanuts.
TheolaNorth Hoosick, NY

Bonsai Jasmine tree

I purchased this as a gift and couldn’t be happier if I had seen it in a store. When I opened the box, the room smelled of jasmine, I loved it. The base of the plant was securely bubble wrapped and the remaining plant was cushioned by popcorn so not to crush the leaves and flowers. It was already flowering when it was delivered and has been flowering since. My son loves his new bonsai and I will definitely buy form Bonsai Boy (through, of course) again.
ChaunceyRogers City, MI

Better left indoors, but overall a great plant!

I received my plant promptly and when I did it was already covered in buds so I knew it was going to be a pretty bloom! My buds opened up into beautiful jasmine flowers within a week and a half, and if it wasn’t for the Texas heat they wouldn’t have shriveled up and fell off the plant. That being said, if you live in a very hot or a very cold climate, keep this inside by a sunny window and there it will thrive. Mine sure looks great on my desk at the office 🙂 *But if you keep in in the air conditioning, remember to put a tray of water under it to keep the air around the plant humid! Otherwise it may dry out and start to look poor.* I remember reading somewhere to keep these plants in temperatures ranging from 70-90 degrees, so that may be some good guidelines on whether you put the plant indoors or outdoors. The only complaint I have with the actual seller is that they shipped the plant wrapped in plastic. My plant was not damaged or suffocated when I received it, but that still just seems odd to me…
SherrieStartup, WA


The communication with this vendor was not friendly. The Amazon description says that this is indoor plant and that it blooms in summar and all year around in warm climate. It does not say that you need to keep it outside for it to bloom. However, this vendor says that you need to keep it outside for it to bloom. There is no option to buy humidity tray with order.

Vendor gives cut and dry resposes. No effort is being made to accommodate customers expectation.

OkClifton, AZ


I’ve had this plant for about eight months now. I ordered it in the middle of winter, when I was, strangely enough, just getting into plants. Plants fill my windowsills now, but this bonsai was one of my very first plants.

It came very carefully packed with packing peanuts, if I recall correctly, and it had dark green, glossy leaves and a beautiful pot; shipping did not appear to have impacted it at all, and it came with a sheet of paper instructing me how to care for it. (This can also be found on the bonsaiboy website.) It didn’t grow in the winter, obviously, but when spring and summer rolled around this year, I saw two bursts of growth and a single flower. The single flower is my fault; because I love this bonsai so much, I’m too afraid to put it outside!

It’s one of my hardiest plants, and has never given me any trouble but a bout with spider mites that I understand is probably due to my not washing the leaves often enough. The only plant I have more trouble free is probably my phal!

DarcieAlum Bridge, WV