Borden’s None Such Mincemeat – 27 Ounce

Since 1885, None Such has been making occasions special with its rich desserts. Of course there’s grandmas mincemeat pie which has become a family tradition around the holidays. But don’t forget that None Such products can also help you make every day special with mouth-watering breads, muffins, cookies and more! 27 ounce jar.

Quick facts

  • Classic original None Such mincemeat
  • Perfect for grandma’s mincemeat pie recipe
  • Comes in a 27 ounce container

Top reviews

Dad’s Favorite Pie

It has been difficult to find old fashioned ingredients

these days for old family favorites like mincemeat pie.

My husband had been requesting a mincemeat pie for ages when

I decided to search it out on the web. The mincement items

came up without a lot of effort and I appreciated the speedy

response. The pie was delicious by the way and he loved it!

AnissaCuttyhunk, MA

Is this the world’s worst mincemeat?

That question is hard to answer with authority, but None Such mincemeat must surely be a contender. Its runny texture, poor flavour and a lingering chemical aftertaste should tell you to avoid this product after one purchase. Yet unfortunately it’s now the one you find everywhere on store shelves, a tribute to Borden’s marketing power.

Do yourself, your family and your guests a favour: order a couple of jars of Cross & Blackwell mincemeat instead.

RacheleKooskia, ID

Way too expensive!!

I cannot believe they are getting $18.25 per jar. With shipping it’s almost $30. This is a very good product but not worth that much. I’m assuming that if people are actually paying this price that it is not available in any store in their area. I live in Wisconsin and it is available year-round for $6-8 in most grocery stores. Walmart has it only Nov.-Dec. Each year right after Christmas it goes on clearance – I actually go there and stock up (I have about 12 jars right now). I have never paid more that $3 per jar. With a coupon I have actually gotten it for under $2. I get to enjoy Mincemeat pie year-round. Before purchasing on Amazon please check around your town!
ClaritaGarden, MI

Poor customer service

The product is great, but the customer service I received from Gristedes Supermarket of NY was terrible!! I’ll never do business with them again…and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Buyer beware!!!

JimmieWinters, CA

Excellent, I buy & use it every year

Every year I buy a couple of bottles of this and make mince tarts. The mince is thick and flavorful, and fills the house with a wonderful aroama as it bakes. Reminds me of Grandma’s pies. Thanksgiving and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without this!
CarlynKountze, TX

Nostalgia in a bottle

This product remains in my memory from pies and cookies made by my great grandmother. Finding it consistently every holiday season has been a private delight. It is a perfect blend of raisins, apples, cinnamon and other spices – no it doesn’t have discernible “meat”. I add walnuts to my signature pie and an abundant crust. Enjoy!
ValeneSylvan Beach, NY