Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds – Cucumis Sativus – 4 Grams – Approx 160 Gardening Seeds – Vegetable Garden Seed

This very old (1880s) reliable pickling cucumber was “improved” sometime in the 1950s giving it resistance to cucumber mosaic virus and cucumber scale. Boston Pickling cucumber has been around for a long time for good reason, it is the standard for homemade pickles. It produces heavy yields of small 6″ cucumbers down right perfect for pickling. It is best to harvest cucumbers for pickles when they are 2″ to 6″ long. That way they fit in your jars!!

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Top reviews

Grows well, but not a heavy yielding variety

The plant grows well, but if you are thinking that you are going to have a bumper harvest, forget it. A few plants will give you enough cucumbers for a salad every now and then, but nothing more.
ShelbaBunn, NC