Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips, Totally Natural 60% Reduced Sodium, 5-Ounce Bags

When you simply want the rich, natural flavor of a hearty potato, grab a bag of boulder canyon totally natural potato chips. enjoy thick potato slices, a light sprinkling of salt, and a bold potato chip as rich and golden as the sunshine it was grown under.

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Reduced Sodium? NOT!

I bought these chips because of the lower sodium, and was I surprised! Not only were they not as labeled, but they were exceedingly salty, more than chips not labeled as such. 60% reduced sodium? Exactly how much more salt would there have been otherwise? For a 1 oz. serving, the sodium is listed as 70 mg. It happens I also have a bag of Cape Cod reduced fat (not reduced sodium) chips, and for the same size serving, the sodium is listed as 110 mg. In a taste comparison, the Cape Cods were nowhere close to being as salty as the Boulder Canyon chips. Now just maybe this first bag was a fluke because of malfunctioning salting machinery at the plant, but where’s quality control? So what to do with 11 bags of salt-laden chips? Anybody out there with high blood pressure feeling suicidal? On second thought, I’ll open another bag and see if there’s a difference. To be continued….

Update: I’ve now tasted more than 6 of the bags, and they’re all very salty.

HarrietteDunning, NE