Boyer Mallo Cup 24 Packs

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Quick facts

  • 24 pack, 2 each
  • Boyer Mallo
  • total 48 cups
  • milk chocolate
  • whipped creme center

Top reviews


The candy was so delicious, probably because it was fresh. We have enjoyed it. Thank you.
KiaraAlma, IL

Nasty cups

Don’t order these! When i ordered these, I was so looking forward to some delcious Mallo cups. The ones I received were old, discolored, and looked they had been in a warehouse for years. I tried one, but it tasted as bad as it looked. I promptly tossed the whole shipment. What a waste! All was not lost, though. I read here that they were at Dollar Tree and I’m enjoying some good ones now as I write this review.
HazelBetsy Layne, KY


Me and my girlfriend were eager to try these out as they had three foods we like: marshmallow, coconut, and chocolate.

These candies somehow were able to disgust us. They tasted old and the marshmallow inside had the most vile consistency. To top it off, you could NOT even taste any of the coconut.

Now i have a box of these nasty things sitting my drawer, I wouldn’t even give these to my least liked friends. They are that terrible.

These were truly a disappointment. I now know better to blindly trust the judgement of other shoppers of Amazon even when they all say the product is great.

Just remember next time you see all the reviews on a product that are claiming its the best candy ever….caveat emptor.

CariWakarusa, KS

It’s been 20 years since I had one – I think the one I got was 20

I was realy looking forward to buying a box just for old times sake. What a disappointment. I think the box I got was left over from the 60’s. They were dried out, cracked, leaking and melted. NASTY would be a kind understatement!
What a disappointment to say the least.
ZaidaRiverside, PA

Very low quality- and I’m not hard to please

So let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of anything with marshmallows and/or mallow product of any kind. My boyfriend and I saw these and thought they sounded delicious, and they turned out to be a huge disappointment. The quality of the chocolate is terrible, I’m talking “Russel Stover” terrible: grainy, chalky, and hard. The “mallo” filling isn’t too bad, but there isn’t much of it, and the coconut is essentially non-existent. What you basically end up with is a mouth full of grainy, terrible chocolate flavor with sweet milky aftertaste from the wannabe marshmallow filling.

If these things were more like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups with filling similar to the marshmallow in either Rocky Road candy bars or Hagen Dazz Rocky Road ice cream they would be awesome. And they should either have more coconut or none at all, because right now it only adds to the grainy texture without adding any flavor.


SeanMoreland, GA

Mallo Cups

I hadn’t eaten a Mallo Cup in decades and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the taste and some memories of my childhood. Although the cups that I received tasted good they were apparently seconds. The filling in virtually every cup had partially leaked out of them. I don’t remember that in the ones that I had in the past.
LeandroLangley, SC

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This….

I would never have known about these killer chocolatey treats if my mother hadn’t bought a whole crate of them in a fit of nostalgia a couple months back (they were her favorites when she was a kid in the ’60s). After trying one, my world was forever changed. The ingenius combination of chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and just a little shaved coconut seems simple enough, but only Boyer’s Mallo Cups taste anything like this…earth-shatteringly good. My initial pleasant shock led me to explore more obscure candy that isn’t widely availible in my region. I’ll never again restrict myself to the much better known but markedly lower in quality candy behemoths who dwarf the Boyers, Pearsons, Neccos, Atkinsons, and Annabelles of the world.
LeonidaThomaston, CT

best candy

Mallo Cup candy is the best candy that has ever been made and put on the market to buy.I use to buy Mallo Cup every time i got money growing up as a kid.To this day Mallo Cup still has that smooth chocolate and coconut taste. Only problem ,i can’t find it in the area i live anymore.Then i came across it online,and i plan on buying a good supply of it.Try it,and i am sure you will agree.If not,then you are not a true candy lover.
ManualJefferson City, TN

Mallo Cups the best!

I have always LOVED Mallo Cups. I grew up in Pennsylvania where they could always be had. I have lived on the West coast now for nearly 25 years. Whenever I get home to PA for a visit I make sure and buy some of these yummy treats. They are definitely worth it. Now that they are on line I will have to buy some. YUM!
LoisePorter, MN


AWESOME!! Love these things. Now starting to see them in convenience stores more often. A+++
KarimaEncinitas, CA

Mallo Cups

These are my all time favorite. My twin brother and I love them and we buy them alot. When he comes to visit me I always have them in a dish on my table for him to eat. We always talk about when we were younger and always fought over the last one.
TamaraCecil, WI


These are great–just like I remember them. Chocolate, marshmallow, coconut. Also, they are virtually impossible to find in the stores now. Buy a box–you won’t be disappointed!!
AshleaFruitland, UT


Awesome! My husband and I were discussing all of the great candy we used to get that’s no longer available. Mallo Cups especially! It was a thrill to find out that we can still get it and this seller had the best buy. Would definitely recommend them for their price and fast shipping!
AlvertaSouth Range, MI

mmm Mallo Cups

Just like I remembered. The two boxes came without a problem, when they said it would and well packaged. The product was fresh and every last one was delicious! Would recomend this seller to everyone. I’m looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks again!
LydaHobbs, IN

Can’t stop eating them!!

An old favorite of mine that still tastes just like it did 35+ years ago!!!!! And this place that I ordered from shipped them faster than fast!!! Five stars all the way!!!
IsaiahChelan Falls, WA


What can I say? I don’t have the foggiest. I bought Mallo Cups for my wife. She ate these when she was a teen and she hadn’t seen them in stores for many years and since we live in Vegas things that melt very easily are usually not sold in the local stores. Using my computer I found a source now that they are back in production and ordered a couple of boxes. I had to do it during the colder months and they survived shipment very well. Once they arrived they were kept in the refridgerator because that is the only way to keep from melting big time during our 110+ summer days. Needless to say I had one happy wife because now she could have her favorite candy whenever she wanted.

If she is happy so am I, so on that basis I give them a 5 star rating.

CatalinaGeismar, LA

Great Candy, Great Gift

Boyer Mallo Cup 24 Packs

Having grown up in NYS, where Mallo Cups are found in abundance, our daughter now lives in California, and she hasn’t been able to find Boyer Mallo Cups in any of the local stores there. All she wanted for Christmas was Mallo Cups. She got her Christmas wish and, thanks to Amazon, we saved enough money on shipping to send her a few dollars toward her dental bills.

Mallo Cups are always a five-star item.

PiedadRocky Mount, NC

Best packaged candy ever made.

I agree with the other reviewer in that the large candy companies just can’t compete when it comes to one thing: quality. How would they? They’re in the business of mass production. That’s why this small-town, small-batch-made candy is the best you’ll ever taste out of a package. It makes the other candy companies pale in comparison. Being from Ohio, I also grew up on Mallo cups but found it hard to find in DC/Northern Virginia, though it’s at some Mom and Pop convenient marts in the country. Still, now that I can purchase online, I plan to dole it out to friends and family to get them hooked and then tell them how to order themselves so that this company never goes out of business. At least not if I can help it. You won’t regret trying this product if you never have.
ChanteFulton, IL

love mallo cups

wow..I love these things. They are very hard to find in stores in my area – thanks for feeding the addiction.
HugoMoore, SC

Deliciously unique!

I first tried a Mallo Cup when I was in Chicago recently for a convention. The combination of marshmallow, chocolate, and just a hint of coconut is divine. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was made of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
AleneTucker, GA

Perfect nostalgic gift for my Dad

My Dad said that he hadn’t had a mallo cup in years, since he was a kid. Now he is enjoying them every other day. He still likes them.
LeeanneYucca Valley, CA


Love Mallo Cups they are very hard to find in the state of florida. thanks
JanetteGrassy, MO

Mallo Cups

The package came earlier than it needed to and was well wrapped. the contents of the package were in perfect condition. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!
LaurineGaston, IN

Mallo Cups

These are tough to find. Was thrilled to see them arrive. Fast shipping and product as expected.
MartyNew Leipzig, ND


This is probably the best tasting candy in the world. It always has been my favourite. Anyway, the seller shipped the candy out right away and I got it in about 2-3 days! It came fresh and delicious. I reccomend buying it! You don’t want to miss out.
CarolannLansford, PA

Mallo cups are heavenly

I tried these once in my life from a old fashioned mail order company a number of years ago. They were absolutley the yummiest. The marshmallow center just oozes out and the chocolate outside is divine. You must try these amazing candies. I can’t find them anywhere excepton tne internet.
JesseArcola, PA

I love these things!!!

Like the others who have posted here…I absolutely love Mallo Cups. I grew up in NY and ate these things all of the time but have a hard time coming across them in Oklahoma. Every time I go home to visit family I purchase a bunch of them because they are so hard to find. Now that they are online…I’m in trouble!!! Can’t wait to order some!
FredrickaMontgomery, IL