Brach’s Chocolate Mint Nougats 12oz.

Brach’s Chocolate Mint Nougats 12oz.

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  • 12 oz package
  • Chocolate Mint Nougats

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My favorite candy!

I love these nougats and I am sad that they’re only available at holidays. I’ve tried to buy them in bulk and stash them for the long period between valentines and halloween, but after a while they get stale and life is too short to eat stale candy. For sure, they’re not chocolately like an Andes mint, but if you’re not looking for a box of chocolates, and you like a pleasant, mild taste sort of like a minty tootsie roll, these chocolates are for you. The peppermints are just as good.

Here’s the biggest bonus: you know when you eat sticky candies and your teeth start to ache very unpleasantly? These candies will not do that- they are soft and easy to chew and you get a mouthful of flavor without having to see the dentist.

Suggestion: Buy these for grandma cause the older one gets, the more one enjoys this treat!

MarguriteClarksville, AR


These were awful. I love mint and chocolate and thought this would be a nice treat to enjoy. After the product arrived I popped one in my mouth and spit it out! It’s difficult to describe the taste, but it wasn’t the ‘minty-chocolatey’ taste I was hoping for.
CloraBismarck, ND