Brach’s Special Treasures Butter Toffee, 7.09-Pounds Bag

Enjoy Brach’s Special Treasures Butter Toffee. Made With Fresh Cream And Real Butter, These Creamy Butter Toffees Are Sure To Melt In Your Mouth. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These Candies, Which Are Individually Wrapped For On-The-Go Goodness. (Note: De

Quick facts

  • Brach’s Special Treasures Butter Toffee (1×7.25LB )
  • Good Value and Practical
  • 1×7.25LB

Top reviews

Misleading Candy Description!

I ordered this 7lb bag of candy for my husband (his favorite!) because it was the only one listed as the “variety” in an assortment of Amaretto, French Vanilla and Irish Creme flavors. The picture was even different than it is now, showing different colored wrappings on the candies to indicate that it was an assortment of flavors. However, when it arrived, it was a 7lb bag of the same gold original butter toffee flavor, not the assortment I wanted. I could have ordered the 2lb bag if I wanted all the same candy! Don’t buy this if you’re expecting an assortment because it’s not.
LoraineSouthbridge, MA


I ordered two bags and didn’t find out until they arrived and I opened one bag, that Brach’s changed the size of this candy. Each piece is smaller than in the past. Apparently, they made a change in 2008 but I didn’t realize until now because my past orders were filled with candy that had been made prior to the change.
CoryPedro Bay, AK