Brach’s Wild ‘N Fruity Gummi Bears – 6 lb. bag

Made with real fruit juices Come in six favorite flavors

Quick facts

  • Made with real fruit juices
  • Come in six favorite flavors

Top reviews

The best!

Walmart, in their infinite wisdom, decided to remove Brach’s Gummi Bears from the shelf in favor of some mystery bears packaged under the “Great Value” brand. These generic Walmart bears are all sugar and no sour/tart/fruit flavoring. The green ones taste the exact same as the red, orange and yellow ones. IMHO, they are hideous. I had to come to Amazon to get my fix. I have had imported bears from Germany that were too hard, too tart and cost 4 times as much. For me, these are the best! Btw, if you are trying to quit smoking and you need something relatively harmless to chew on while you contemplate the demise of all the people you know that deserve it; these bears will fill the gap and help you resist giving your boss a piece of your mind when he/she is convinced you can do more with less.
EstefanaKingwood, WV

should be called “Uni-Flavor”

Brach’s Gummies all have same flavor – sweet.

(Okay – the yellow did have a hint of something different).

The bag states 6 flavors, including grape (fine print) but pictures just 5: yellow, green, red, orange-ish, and light yellow.

Contents – nothing that resembles purple (standard expectation of grape).

However, although commenting about it (melodramatic flare?) could care less about the colors or the # of flavors.

But bothered by the lack of different flavors at all.

Further insult: high price for 6#.

Want a really good experience? try the Albanese assortment. 12 flavors, all of which can be identified.

LoganRock Hill, SC

Many brands

I used to buy this 6 pound bag of Brach’s brand at Costco. Then they too stopped carrying it. Replaced with another manufacturer and like a previous review said there is defiantly a difference in brands. These are just the right texture and explosively fruity deliciousness. yum yum.
LucillaSalem, NH

Good Brand

I love the gummies. They are sweet, fresh, and natural. I kind of wish that they were as good as the Farleys brand and maybe some other brands.
NiaBastrop, TX