Bremner Crackers Made with Pure Sunflower Oil, 4-Ounce Boxes

Low in fat. No cholesterol. No trans fatty acids. No hydrogenated oils. Bremner brings to market a healthier cracker just for you. Baked with five generations of baking expertise. Light, crisp, delicate flavor. Perfect showcase for your favorite appetizer recipes and toppings. No saturated fats. Less than 9 calories per cracker.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 4-Ounce boxes
  • Made with wheat flour and sunflower oil
  • Zero trans fat
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Contains light crisp texture and delicate flavor

Top reviews

Company NOT allergy conscious

I purchased this product for my daughter with multiple food allergies. The ingredients listed were all things she could have. Unfortunately, the ingredients list is inaccurate. I checked both amazon’s list and the ingredients list on the company website. Neither listed citric acid, which can be a corn derivative, but it was listed on the box when I received it. Corn is one of my daughter’s allergens, so I could not feed her this product without knowing the source of the citric acid used. I have tried calling the company for a week and keep being told an ingredients specialist will call me back, but they NEVER do. I have written the company via the contact us form on the website, but no one will contact me to give me the information I need to know. Fortunately, was very helpful and issued me a refund, but Bremner cannot be trusted if you have food allergy questions. I am very upset at the lack of concern from this company. Those with corn allergies or citric acid sensitivities should not purchase this product. The ingredients list really needs to mention this! I will not purchase any Bremner products in the future.
JonathonArnot, PA

Tasty crackers!

These are tasty crackers! I am sorry the other reviewer had allergy issues to which the company was not sensitive, but for people without allergies, I recommend these crackers. They are crisp but have a smooth texture and plain taste that I enjoy, especially with an interesting dip or spread.
CelindaNelson, PA