Bridgford Bertolino Dry Salami, 3-Ounce Chubs

Bridgford dry salami is made using the finest ingredients to ensure the very best tasting salami available. Together with the unique, “old-world” Italian recipe and our natural fermentation process, Bridgford is the top choice for quality salami.

Quick facts

  • Individual 3oz vacuum sealed packages Made in the USA

Top reviews

Not great.

Now I don’t consider myself a genoa salami expert, nor do I really know what separates genoa salami from any other kind of salami, but I do eat a lot of cured meats and love them. I have eaten everything from the cheap presliced salami in the grocery store sandwich supplies to boars head to high-end, “fresh” artisan products. This is the worst thing I have tasted. Slim jims are better than this. It smells exactly like canned dog food and tastes exactly how I would expect canned dog food to taste, but saltier. Maybe this is what genoa salami is really supposed to taste like, but if you don’t know exactly what your getting don’t buy this.

Update: I let it sit out of the plastic package and air out over night and it was actually decent. Nothing special but edible at least. It still had the dog food smell. I made three other guys at work eat it and the one who eats anything said he loved it (although he wouldn’t give me $5 for the whole case). Another guy walked around with a sour look on his face for 3 hours and the third agreed with me that it was decent and would be OK with crackers and a sharp cheese, but was nothing special. Because of these experiences I have updated my review from 1 star to 3 stars.

JacksonMinneapolis, MN

Great Little Snack !!

Like the previous reviewer I am not a Salami expert but I love all forms of Salami. I don’t agree with the previous reviewer that it smells like dog food but the smell is not so pleasant but it’s cured meat most don’t smell too great and what can you expect from meat that has been aging in a cellar. I enjoy these little Salami chubs as a little snack to tide me over til Dinner or whatever. Flavor wise it can be a bit salty. My main gripe about this Salami Chub is the oily-ness that’s on the outside. I usually dab or wipe the chub with a napkin before eating to remove some of the oily-ness. Overall it’s a great snack to have on the go. It’s perfect for a romantic picnic @ the park. A bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers, and fruit with this Salami chub can make a great park-side brunch. (n_n)
ConcettaCanyon City, OR