Bridgford Italian Salami, 12-Ounce Chubs

Bridgford Italian salami is made using the finest ingredients to ensure the very best tasting salami available. Together with the unique, “old-world” Italian recipe and our natural fermentation process, Bridgford is the top choice for quality salami.

Quick facts

  • Individual 12oz vacuum sealed packages Made in the USA

Top reviews


This salami was so greasy when opened it, it literary poured out grease. I tried eating on two separate occasions and gave me the runs and cramps so bad, I couldn’t even go to sleep. I threw 5 and 3/4 of the salami away. The 3/4 portion I left out for the animals which roam around the neighborhood, they wouldn’t even eat it. Save your money don’t buy this salami.
LuettaJersey City, NJ


Tastes like a rancid dishrag pickled in brine. No sign of spoilage – just bad tasting. I bought based on the rave reviews of others here so I thought I’d chime in with my opinion. I’m comparing this with the Fresh and Easy house brand – scarcely the premium – that costs less and is scrumptious.
MarioBrewster, NY

So-so quality, bland taste

Well, what can I say? I regret this purchase of Bridgeford Italian salami (I didn’t buy the hard salami). The quality of the salami is just so-so, not terrible but not comparable in quality to slightly more-expensive salamis available at my local grocers. The taste? Not bad but not great either, a walk on the mild side (in other words, bland and a bit rubbery-tasting).

Stick with Hillshire Farm, Genoa, Gallo, etc…Bridgeford makes good pepperoni but their salami is sub-par and not worth the money.

TommyeThornton, CA

Other then greasy, an excellent salami

To be fair, I didn’t purchase this product. But I found it outside of someone’s home as I was wandering the streets. What I found to be exact was 3/4ths of one of the salami, in some sort of pet food dish as if left for a pet or some wildlife. Well, since it was left outside, I decided that the owner might not care if I went ahead and ate it. So I did, and it was wonderful! I am only giving this product four stars since like “Mntijo” here with his review it was a bit greasy, and I also had stomach distress after eating it. But this product is still delicious! I do hope the owner of the home that placed this salami outside orders more, I’d love to get more free food of this caliber.
AnnamaeNarberth, PA

Good Salami if you don’t compare it to Italian Salami

Good salami compared to other hard salamis you usually get in stores. But nothing close in taste to real italian salami. Bland taste.
MagdaleneMoatsville, WV

Hard Salami Lover

Use to pick up at the market but couldn’t fin. Ordered on line , had quick delivery and the Salami is the same great product. Great on crackers with a slice of pepper cheese and dill pickle. YUM!
UnaPrattsville, AR

Very Good

The salami came in a quick time.
It was very fresh and it was very good.
I would not hesitate to buy this item again or
buy from these people again.
LenaEighty Eight, KY

Bridgford Hard Salami the BEST!

There are all kinds of Hard Salami but I happen to like this brand the best and live in a smaller city where it is hard to find. Was very pleased to find it at Amazon! Taste great with Gouda Cheese and apples or pears.
DeloiseRescue, VA

Very good salami

I enjoy the bridgford salami. I eat a sharp cheddar cheese with french bread or wheat crackers with a slice of salami on top. I have tried other brands but always return to this selection.

The only reason for 4 stars rather than 5 stars is that there maybe another brand I haven’t sampled yet.

ClarettaWickhaven, PA

Delicious Murder

I just tried Bridgford Hard Salami for the first time. I’m no salami expert, but I have been eating food my whole life, and this tastes really good in my opinion. The texture isn’t grainy like some of the more gourmet brands I’ve wasted my hard earned dollar on. Surprisingly it isn’t very greasy, no gristle bits, no bitter aftertaste, and it smells good for a salami. Their use of salt and spices are well balanced. You could eat this with a sweet beverage and there is no conflicting flavors. Overall I rate this 5 stars and will be ordering this from Amazon again.
VeniceAutaugaville, AL

As Good as Imported

Now here’s the thing, I’m a huge fan of imported Italian hard salami. As a sandwich meat, a pizza topping or appetizer, there’s not much better as far as I’m concerned. Now domestic brands are a different story. My experience with them had been uniformly bad, until now. This Bridgford Hard Salami is excellent. Not just OK, but stands up well compared to any of the imported Italian meats I’ve tried. If you like salami, this stuff is the real thing.
NikiWingate, IN

Excellent tasting

Very high quality and terrific tasting salami to eat and have on hand. Family loves it. Glad I found this at such a great price on Amazon.
JuanaGoliad, TX

Great Salami for the price

This is a great deal for 6 packages of salami. This has a great taste, a little oily but what packaged Salami isn’t? A great buy to have for potlucks and last minute sandwiches. Considering I pay $4.99 for one package, getting six for under $20 via Amazon is a awesome deal!
KiyokoManor, GA


I love these little logs of MEAT!

I’ve almost demolished the first one.

Usually I go the sharp cheddar, salami, and crackers route
but I’ve been slicing these babies onto whole wheat, mustard, miracle whip for a tangy treat.

Today I added a little horseradish ,,,, hot $#%@ that was delish.

Craving salami? Add to cart! Nuff said.

RudyCornersville, TN

Best Salami

This is the best salami made but I can’t find it locally. Amazon saved the day. Can get anytime now delivered right to my door! Can’t beat it!
LyndsayAmistad, NM

Great Italian Salami

The salami was excellent.
I came from California and this salami is the closest to what I grew up with in California.
We have been looking for years to find a good salami, and finally now we have.
We are almost done with the last roll, and so I will order again.
We Love It.
AnnShannon, MS

Very Hearty Not too Greasy

This is a great salami. I don’t dig Genoa or any wimpy greasy stuff.

This stuff is hard, hearty, and really well spiced up.

Cooked or cold, it kicks ass.

I would bring this on a boat, camping, or to the workplace.

Sliced nice, it would really compliment cheese, crackers, and vino too.

No doubt, one serious real deal of value.

CandiAlbion, CA

Italian Salami.

I really didn’t care for this product to much. The salami was way to hard to chew. I have had Italian Salami before (other brands ) that were a lot better.
JenniferRanchita, CA


Given the positive reviews posted, I thought I ought to give this sausage a try, particularly given the higher cost of salami I had purchased from other companies (Columbus Salame Company and Fortuna). The Bridgford salami was kind of a disappointment-fibrous and greasy with a somehow duller taste. Kind of like a Slim Jim with less heat and more sawdust (I’m not implying there is really sawdust in it-it just has a different texture that what I’m used to). My wife took a bite out of her slice, then put it aside and didn’t nibble on it further… that is actually not a common outcome in encounters between my wife and bits of food. I did bake it with some cheese in some soon to expire canned pizza dough and it was pretty decent-my son really liked it. All in all, I’d say go a little upmarket if you are going to use the salami to snack on with fresh fruit, olives and whatnot but this product is probably fine for cooking.
RicardaRedcrest, CA

top taste+value

stumped by a hard to chew review, maybe with no teeth, as this is easy to cut and chew, not like nearly rock hard cured italian meats; taste is slightly spicy- about halfway between sweet and hot sausage for comparison; and a very good deal; ordered a top-rated pepperoni, one stick, was $13 and over $9 for ship+handle (won’t do that again); this is 4 chubs, probably 6+ times the weight and size, but only $23 and $6 ship+handle; can’t say it very often but a good product that’s underpriced
MitsukoMathiston, MS

best salami

My family loves the Bridgford Italian Salami chubs. You can cut it, slice it, chunk it any way you want. It’s very tasty,not too salty or fatty like some other products. Once you taste it, you are hooked. Since it is cured and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it’s perfectly safe to order by mail.We had to mailorder, since the supermarkets in this area don’t carry it anymore.
NanRainelle, WV

Bridgford Salami & other

Bridgford simply makes the BEST Salami (the HARD variety- we didn’t care much for the Italian style) and also their Peperoni sticks are EXCELLENT on Pizza!

These 12-ounce salami “chubs” are the perfect size… use a meat slicer or very sharp knife and go THIN. I gave it a FULL FIVE STARS and am a repeat purchaser.

RileyCheraw, SC

Excellent – Hard Salami

When they say “hard” salami they really mean it. Has great texture as a result. I like to cut mine paper thin and eat it with cheeses and crackers. I get a workout even with a very sharp knife. Loads of garlic – a good thing. Have eaten 2 of the four sticks. Will definitely buy again. Cheers.
DebIreland, WV