Broadway Basketeers Thinking of You Gift Set

Tickle their taste buds with a taste from Snackers Heaven Gift Set. This three-tiered gift set comes with a gift box of butter toffee peanuts, almond Roca butter crunch toffee, gourmet caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, sea salt popcorners, and more! A beautiful gift that fits your budget.

Quick facts

  • Great gift for birthday, thinking of you, or any occasion
  • Perfect gift basket for family and friends, or as a corporate office gift.
  • Gift set includes: Brown & Haley Almond Roca Butter Crunch (2 pc), sea salt popcorners (1.1oz) , Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cookies (4oz), Old Fashion Peanut Brittle (4oz), Butter Toffee Peanuts (3oz), Gourmet Caramel Popcorn (3oz)
  • GIFT TOWER DIMENSIONS: 7″ x 5″ x 10″ high
  • Kosher Certified OK D. Giving a kosher gift ensures that all recipients can enjoy and partake in your gift.

Top reviews

great stuff

i guss this for my bro he liked it alot and it came pretty fast will buy again
GayeFreedom, WY

Wonderful Customer Service

I ordered a”Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Heaven Gift Basket” for my sister for her birthday. It product arrived in Florida in and I’m told it was beautiful and apparently very tasty except that the truffles had melted at some point during the delivery process. I left a ‘fair’ review for them.

In a little while I was contacted by the company asking if they could resolve my problem for me. In the end they are sending a new batch of truffles. They were very courteous and speedy at coming to a resolution and I am very happy with the results!

AishaBrowerville, MN

Almost Nothing in there

There are only 3 truffles. There are pieces of toffee. Ridiculous. chocolate covered peanuts and popcorns were a bit more plentiful (a handful). When looking at the photo, don’t look at the boxes, but the chocolates shown because that represents that actual quantity.
ScottyRoduco, NC


Not worth the money… cheap… smaller than the size of a shoe box… the whole thing is over priced and only worth half what it is selling for. Don’t waste your money on this.
PuraTuxedo Park, NY

Size matters!

I saw the tower on line and it looked like a great deal. I have been sending Harry an David gift boxes as Christmas gifts for years and this seemed like a great value just from looks. I had a bad address and consequently had one delivered to my house and discovered that I had sent out three Barbie sized boxes of candy to all of my friends. It is true that the buyer should beware but deception only works once with me and I will never place an order with this company, Broadway Basketeers.
CatharineStilwell, KS

dinky for the price

There was hardly anything in it! 3 small pieces of truffle, tiny bag of popcorn, tiny bag of white chocolate pretzels, 2 pcs of Almond Rocca and a hand full of Butter n’ Cream candies. Most of the larger 2 boxes contained peanut & paper decor fill.
KarmaWauregan, CT

Worst Valentines day gift ever

Unfortunately, basically everything in this box was horrible. The yogurt pretzels were stale, the caramels tasted like chalk, and the popcorn was pretty bad too. I liked the milk chocolate truffles, but there are only three in this box. Save yourself some money and trouble and spend it better elsewhere! (and being a foodstuff, this product cannot be returned!)
DavidaMedon, TN

just plain deceiving! !!

I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this RIPOFF!!!! I had to by another gift to go with it so I don’t look like a cheapskate!!!
AsleyDeedsville, IN

Won’t buy again

I bought this as a add on gift just something small to go along with other items I bought. I did read other reviews and was still surprised at how small it was. I was really disappointed once it was opened to find a very small amount of candy and chocolate inside of the boxes and most of the space is taken up by filler and I didn’t receive the chocolates pictured in the photo. I would not buy again or as a signle small gift to give to someone, presentation looks great but very disappointing on whats really inside. The quality of the candy is good but it’s very over priced for what it really is.
KyongCastalia, IA

Smaller than I expected

I bought this as a gift and I’m surprised at how small it is. I haven’t decided yet to give it or not so I can’t comment on the quality, but I wanted others to know how small it is. The biggest bottom box is about 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. These chocolates better be REALLY good to make the purchase worth what I spent for it.
ChanellEcho Lake, CA

loved it!

I ordered this item for a very nice lady and she loved it, called to thank me and sent me a nice card, too! 😎
WendiBrookville, OH

Not worth it

This item was much smaller than I expected. It is a Christmas gift for someone else, so I cannot say what the quality of the chocolate itself is, but the quantity is definitely lacking for something that costs $22!
YajairaCedar Point, IL

Not a good deal!

Like many other people here, I bought this based on a lightning deal on the site. Even at a sale price, this wasn’t worth it! I was hoping this would be a dessert for 4-5 people, but it is barely a snack for 2 people.

There is a lot of cardboard and air in this “gift tower”. The portions are small, and packaged like in-flight snacks. The few pieces there were tasty, but it was mostly a let-down.

Based on this, I’ll just stick to regular “non-gift” samplers from now on.

MichaWhite Oak, NC

Would return if I could

In all fairness the packaging is sort of pretty. Thats about it, there is next to nothing included in the tiny boxes. At least they could have used a bit more effort when it came to how much goes inside. Not worth the price, will probably add ‘extra’ from the store before giving it as a neighbor gift this year. My fault for getting caught up in the amazon lightening deal frenzy.
CarlIndian Lake Estates, FL

It’s exactly what it looks like

when you click on enlargen image that is the exact size of the item. I think like many others, the picture makes you think its bigger no it’s not. I laughed when I received it because I was expecing bigger boxes to send as a gift to two important people. i’m embaressed to give it because of that. “Hey here you go, 5 pieces of chocolate a few pretzels and couple cookies, on a tight budget sorry lol.
ChanteRound Top, TX

Not Kosher after all

I bought two of these gift towers because the product description says that they’re certified Kosher. If this is something that’s important to you, you look for the certifying symbol on the product. Two of the five products enclosed in the package, however, did not have the certifying symbol, meaning they are not — for all practical purposes (like gift-giving)– “certified kosher.” Buyer beware.
CaroleMclean, TX

Not What it looks like.

The shipping speed was ok.However, like the others have said the picture is decieving.
The product was much smaller and the portions was for one person alone. If you are ordering this and thinking that you are going to get something that more than one person can share dont get this.
There was nothing fancy about this at all and I have had oreros taste better than what was included in the box. I think this was my first and last time ordering this.
EliasFulton, MD


kinda small. I mean the items were good and my mom loved them (they were a present) but I had really expected…something more I guess…
OrvalGreycliff, MT

Gave it as a gift.

The Chocolate Towers arrived in plenty of time for the holidays & were very well packaged.
I thought the towers were slightly smaller than the picture portrayed but, since they were given to friends as a small Christmas token, they were fine. The recipients expressed their delight & advised the chocolate was very good. I’m not sure they would have advised if they weren’t. I should’ve ordered one for myself so I would’ve been able to judge for myself. Will definitely consider doing that next year.
LuannaGlencoe, CA


I am not going to rant. What I will say, is that the picture is bigger than the items they send out. You do not get your moneys worth and they are packaged up in a horrid fashion. They were told my items were a hift but that did not stop them from sending it as if it were just some half assed shipment to a warehouse. I am disgusted, I feel cheated and I am embarrassed that my family thinks I went the cheap route again. Fact is, I purchased three separate arrangements to have delivered and they barely looked as if they could feed one person. I am horrified that Amazon allows these people to sell on their site.
DonnaBlack River Falls, WI

Costly for such a small assortment

While this gift tower assortment does include some nice treats and is pretty, it is very very small. I was shocked at the size and how much such a small assortment cost. While you might not be able to replicate the looks, you could buy the ingredients for less than $5. Not worth the price, in my opinion.
MerleneGreat Barrington, MA

A Big Hit

I got this as a present for a couple of people. It was a huge hit. Wrapped very well. Excellent presentation.
JanuaryPateros, WA

A Big Hit

I got this as a present for a couple of people. It was a huge hit. Wrapped very well. Excellent presentation.
WalterJeffersonville, GA