Broadway Basketeers Ultimate Gourmet Gift Tower

The Ultimate Gift Tower is just that… the ultimate gifting experience. Whatever the reason, whatever the season, the Ultimate Gift Tower is the perfect gift! With an abundance of gourmet foods, this six-box tower is impressive enough to send to the office. Gift Tower Contains: Lindt truffles, chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, butter toffee peanuts, chocolate drizzled popcorn, cranberry mix, mini yogurt pretzels, cajun mix, hot cocoas, and coffee alongside a duo of biscotti.

Quick facts

  • Great gift for birthday, thinking of you, or any occasion
  • Perfect gift basket for family and friends, or as a corporate office gift.
  • Gift tower includes: Butter toffee peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, caramel apple kisses, almond pecan popcorn, cranberry mix, salted caramel cookies, honey roasted cashews, Cajun mix, and hot cocoas and coffee alongside a duo of biscotti
  • GIFT TOWER DIMENSIONS: 7″ x 7″ x 16″ high
  • Kosher Certified OK D. Giving a kosher gift ensures that all recipients can enjoy and partake in your gift.

Top reviews

Bad Deal, Extremely Overpriced

I bought this tower as a Christmas present and was extremely disappointed at what was provided vs. the high price of the gift tower. I found similar items at half the cost. Please be vigilant before purchasing and shop around. This tower was 40% higher than similar products at other places. Wish I had done the research before purchasing. Live and learn.
CarolBendersville, PA


The selection offered in this gift set is appealing however the price volume ratio is not worth the purchase. Having reviewed the other comments and information my expectations were no where near what arrived. What did arrive was a set of boxes roughly the size of what you might get at a jewelery store and stacked the height of a barbie doll. I feel that for the cost I could have gotten some microwave popcorn, pretzel sticks and a bag of choclate and accomplished the same feat for a fraction of the cost with no dissapointment and more than likely impressed the recipant 10 times over! I would highly reccomend weighing any alternatives prior to purchasing this product first e.g. a gift bag and items found at your local grocery store if you want your monies worth.
MauraNelson, NH

My sister loved it

Bought this for my sister and her family for Christmas and they loved it. My sister loved the chocolate bing covered cherries (said they were the best ever) and my brother in law loved the biscotti. They were giving word by word detail as they tasted everything. Also said it was beautifully packaged. They were very happy with it which says a lot as they are not easy to please. (Ha Ha)
AllenePalestine, OH

Not a Happy Camper

First, the package did not come with the items as described, they used substitutes. I chose this basket because of the items that were supposed to be included – there were no chocolate covered cherries, no pistachios. Next, don’t send the package directly to the gift recipient – the treats were still in their bags, so you’ll have to arrange them yourself – which is contrary to what is stated that they are “hand arranged”.
TarenRockwall, TX

A pleasant surprise!

I was concerned from other reviews that it was going to seem like a skimpy product, but I was told that the boxes were good sized and the treats were tasty. I didn’t actually get to see this gift myself, but it made a hit.
NaomaJamesville, VA

Optical Illusion

The picture sold me on this product. When it arrived though, there was a lot less “stuff” than I expected. Also, the contents weren’t that special.
MarlysTuskegee, AL

Gift for the Family

This was purchased as a gift for our family. We clicked the “this is a gift” checkbox, even wrote a gift message but the seller forgot or didn’t bother including a gift card with the package. Thankfully our family figured it was from us and offered us a phone call to let us know it had arrived. I don’t know the size or quality of the gift since I didn’t see it. Just that there were a lot of boxes to open. I would hope they had been stacked with a ribbon making it look like a nice gift.
CameronEufaula, OK

Mom Liked It

Mom was very happy with this gift. She said that all the items tasted very good. She probably said all that just to make me feel good. I’ll never know if she really liked it or not. You know Mom’s. Anyways it arrived before Mother’s Day, so that makes me a great child; at least better than my sister. Even thought mom never played favorites, my sister thought I was the favorite. Well, I hope this confirms my status. BTW, nice job on the card!
SherrilHamilton, CO

Fast Ship, mom loved it

Got it on time, which I was slightly worried about, she enjoyed opening all the boxes, and she loved the contents.
HerminiaBaltimore, MD

Nice Valentine

Was a day late but worth the wait for my kids. They loved the quality of the goodies in the boxes.
CatherynEnterprise, OR

Great variety

Comes in very nice packaging. Loved the great variety in the gift tower.
It was at a good price for the big selection.
CharlesettaGlen Oaks, NY

in the recipient’s on words (reaction to Broadway Basketeers Ultimate Celebration Gourmet Gift Tower)

I just wanted to let you know that the snack pack was a wonderful idea for a present for us. With not only our son, his wife, and my mother here, but my son’s childhood playmate, his wife and two kids coming over one afternoon, it gave us lots of ready made snacks.

The packaging was exquisite, and in some instances much larger than the snacks. The package for the buttercrunch toffee was quite large, with 3 medium sized shiny blue rappers, with one much smaller piece of toffee inside it in yet another wrapper. On the other hand, the yogurt covered pretzels were good for my husband, being diabetic and all. The chocolate chip cookies were tiny and blah, but the honey mustard pretzels were very, very good. We liked the chocolate covered peanuts, the regular shelled peanuts, the cranberry mix, and the popcorn drizzeled in caramel and chocolate. As I already mentioned, the hot chocolate and biscotti was good and I have one more of each left to enjoy.

Since the boxes are all lightly glued together, I can probably fill them with my own snacks or presents another year and pass them on to our son and his wife, for instance, as a gift next year.

Thank you very much for this thoughtful gift.

LatriceNew Trenton, IN