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Awesome tea

This is review for the tea, Red label tea has been around in India since ages and is awesome when fresh (make sure it is not expired). Traditional method is
— boil water with team
— add flavors fresh cinnamon sticks, clove, ginger
— filter and set tea apart
— warm 1% milk
— add 75% mild, 25% filtered tea
— enjoy with biscuits!
JohnsonChichester, NH

Good tea, but check for freshness

I’ve enjoyed this tea for years. However, when I last bought some from my local Indian store I couldn’t decipher the code on the box. I was looking for a “best before” date stamp and there was none. Sadly, I had to throw the tea out because it was old. I’d buy again, but only as long as I understand how fresh it is.
AlisaDarling, MS

Loose ‘English Breakfast’ style Tea (assam), at a good price

If, like my wife and I, you’re blessed with soft tap water, and like a good robust “English Breakfast Tea”, I’ve found that this blend (mostly dark assam) is a pretty decent choice, and a good value. I believe it’s packaged by the same company that makes “PG-Tips” in the handy pyramid bags. The quality is comparable. I generally buy the brooke bond loose for making everyday tea by the pot, and I buy pg tips pyramid bags for travelling.

Anyway, I buy the Brooke Bond loose on a regular basis – either online, or at a local indo-pakistani grocer. I’ve also bought the Taj Mahal label by the same company, but they appear to be interchangeable, and differ only by the art on the box. The loose tea is in small granule form, and comes sealed in a foil pouch, for freshness … it’s not flushed with neutral gas, and they dont vaccum pack it because they dont want to crush the tea, but otherwise the quality is pretty decent. It comes in a variety of sizes, buy the most common size I buy is 900 grams (2 lbs) or 1800 gr (4lbs).

The resulting tea is not quite as floral as some assams I’ve had (hey, it’s bulk tea), and there’s often a modest amount of tea dust in the bottom of the pouch, but the dust is easily removed by pouring the dry tea into a fine strainer, and tapping the strainer over the garbage (to winnow it), before brewing it.

In my household, I generally buy loose tea in bulk, de-dust it, then repackage it in one or more 40 fl oz glass jars using a univeral vaccum sealing lid (see Tilia Food Saver), and then I use those to periodically refill a smaller 16-24 oz convenience container that I keep near my stove, for whenever I want to brew a fresh pot of tea.

I’ve found that 1/4 cup of loose tea is sufficient for a 6 cup pot, and 1/4 – 1/3 cup is sufficient for 8 cups. After brewing is done (3-5 mins), I pour the brewed tea through a fine tea strainer into serving cups, and the surplus goes into a lidded glass carafe that gets stored in the fridge (after it cools) for subsequent reheating by the cup (re: microwave), or for use in iced tea by the jug (just add some simple syrup and fresh lemon juice to taste, and some optional bruised mint leaves, and you’re good to go).

Bottom line – for an inexpensive loose bulk tea, this brand is very decent all purpose choice, suitable for both hot and iced tea. Recommended.

VilmaNorth Star, OH

Too Costly, can get the same tea for $7.00 at any grocery store

You can get the same Tea at most of the Asian Groceries at around 7 dollars. The tea is good, but at $18, its a rip off.
KateNew Milford, NJ

Great full-bodied tea

I was thrilled to find this tea. It has a wonderful robust flavor. Do yourself a favor and go to your local Indian grocer. I bought a box of this brand loose tea for $18.00 … for a 3Lb 15oz box! I would say that is a much better buy than here!
FredaRosendale, MO


I have bought this product many times. Always consistent. I use it to make ice tea and it works great. Less expensive then the name brand tea bags and better quality. It is a strong tea so a box lasts.
GertieWeldon, CA

very good

We have bought it now 3-4 times from amazon and enjoy it everytime we buy it. If you like really strong tea, this brand will be my number one recommendation to you. Shipping and pricing is amazingly great.
LucasListie, PA