Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Fruit Flavors Candy, 32-Ounce Bag

Masterfully prepared sweetened real fruit juice pieces, made from a blend of pomegranate and other select concentrated fruit juices, are dipped in this extra creamy pure dark chocolate to create this decadent taste sensation A natural source of flavinol antioxidants Makes a great gift Fast worldwide shipping available APO/FPO and all US addresses too! Fresh product guaranteed.

Quick facts

  • Perfect as a sweet treat or in homemade trail mix
  • Smooth dark chocolate with soft fruit-flavored centers
  • Made with a blend of pomegranate juice and other select fruit juices
  • A kosher candy
  • Includes 2 bags of Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Fruit Flavors Candy (32-Ounce bag)

Top reviews


I agree with Chuck…these are TOO good. I ordered my first bag because I wanted the health benefits of Dark Chocolate without that wretched bitter taste that makes me not like dark chocolate. Also, several research studies have demonstrated the benefit of (something in) pomegranate in going after ugly things like cancer cells. So, I tried them and and they were sooo good tasting (No, make that GOOD TASTING!!!) like those things you start eating and just can’t find a stopping place, you know? I now SLEEP with a bag of these. My husband really likes them, too, and I find that sometimes when he rolls over, I find that he is in truth groping for the Brookside bag.
Now the other downside is that these are high in fat…and it is ugly Saturated Fat, high calorie, contain cholesterol, and contain sodium. One MUST not give in to unrestrained eating of these yummy little bits, or one will have the shape of your average hippopotamus and lose all those nifty health benefits. This amounts to eating like a smallish handful per day…sort of like trying to put only one bubble in your bath. You might wonder why I still gave them five stars when I realize how UN-healthy they could be in excessive amounts…and the answer is because the taste calls for more than 5 stars, so health=3 stars, but taste=8 stars. Beware!
I ordered the single bags with no problem. Then I ordered the two-bags from GR8-Mart, but, being in the throes of my unrestrained addiction for them at that time, I ordered 4 bags (2 bunches of 2 bags each). I think this must have confused their packers who are probably unused to really piggy people ordering that much, so I only received two bags total. I contacted this seller with terrific fast follow-up in getting my other two bags to me, so I’m ordering from them again.
Just follow these rules and you will be okay:
1. Don’t eat more than a handful a day.
2. Don’t sleep with your bag next to you.
3. Don’t expose tubby family members to these…too dangerous. Plus, you might have to get creative in hiding your bag(s) from them!
4. Don’t keep your bag in a hot place (Duh!), and try to reseal the bag after each foraging because I suspect that even gnats, little ants, and no-see-ums would be interested in these.
Incidentally, we had to drive to several days of meetings, so I packed my Brookside bag in a large strong ziploc with two of those frozen gel ice packs, and all arrived successfully with no chocolate melting despite outside temps (while stopping for lunch, etc.) of 100-plus.
MaidaCrosbyton, TX

Dark Chocolate covered pomegranate 2lb

it’s a great combination —- the only problem is it’s VERY DIFFICULT to stop eating them once you begins —- I sent some to my friends and they have the exact difficulty ——:-)
MirthaDorris, CA

One of my favorites!

These dark chocolate covered Pomegranates are one of my most favorite snacks. They are hard to find the the stores, so I just order them from Amazon. Yes, they are a little pricey, but hey, I’m worth it.
JereSun City, FL

overall pretty good

I got the product earlier than projected and they’re pretty tasty. I think they’re a little pricey, so it will be a while before I order them again
PiperTescott, KS

Raisinets on steroids

This candy is like luxury Raisinets. If you are a fan of that raisen/chocolate combination ala Raisinets or Chunky you will die for these things. It is similarly flavored but with a much finer chocolate than can be found in a box of movie theater candy.
When I first had them I asked myself how can you have a chocolate covered pitless pomegranate? There is no process in the world, high speed or low that can depit a pomegranate and leave the fruit intact. Well, turns out that these are filled with a fruit concoction providing for a center that is larger than a pomegranate seed. The flavor is pure bliss.
Brookside was a small company and was bought out by Hershey’s allowing for greater distribution. But this isn’t made in the Hershey Bar factory. The fine quality of this product has been untampered with by the smart folks at Hershey’s. In fact, my first experience with this product was when my daughter brought it home from a day at Hershey Park. Thanks, Mer.
While it is available at some stores, the best value by far was from Amazon.
SudieWest Medford, MA