Brothers-ALL-Natural Fruit Crisps, Goofy Strawberry Banana, 0.42 Ounce

Brothers-ALL-Natural Goofy strawberry/banana crisps are a delicious, delightfully light and flavorful fruit crisp that you and your friends will love. There’s nothing artificial, no added sugar – just the best fruit around.

Quick facts

  • 24 bags per case
  • 100% Freeze Dried Strawberries and Bananas
  • 2 fruit servings per bag
  • Non-GMO/Vegan/Kosher/Gluten Free/Peanut and Tree Nut Free
  • 100% Fruit, No additives, preservatives, dyes, or added sugars

Top reviews

Made In China

Did a lot of research on these, but just can’t get past the fact that it is all grown in China. That is enough for me. Do your research on the mass pollution they have there and how it ends up in the dirt. MUCH more than the US. No way is my little girl going to be eating these. It’s a shame because it’s the perfect snack. It’s also a shame since the company just wants to save the extra money so they must be saving quite a bit if they still ship all this back to the US and STILL save money. No thanks. I will stick to organic ALL AMERICAN food.
ShavondaWardtown, VA

Dry – Dry – Dry crisps

This product was awful!!!!!!!!! It was so dry it sticked to your teeth and made you gag!!!
AubreyCurllsville, PA

product of China

It is a product of China. If I had known I would not have ordered it. For those of you that share my concerns you will find the information useful. As for the rest of you – ignore this review – or – do some research on the safety of what is comeing out of China.
ClaudKopperl, TX

WRONG count listed on web.

It is marked as a 24 count on the web page, but when I recieved my order the box is only a 12 count…. makes the variety twice the cost as the individual flavors. I love the product, just think Amazon should take the 24 count expectation off if they are only going to send one box.
JoanInglefield, IN

Amazon PLEASE……

I have not yet tried this product, but given the reviews – – and what I have seen of other products in this genre, this sounds perfect for my food allergen, diabetic, restricted diet. SO, I am writing this to beg AMZ to please put all of these products in their Subscribe & Save line. Since the product link cannot find these; I am referring to:
Brothers-ALL-Natural Variety Pack Crisps, Fuji Apple, Asian Pear +,
Strawberry/Banana, 24-Count Bags AND
ALL Other products by Brothers-ALL-Natural
ArtMarne, MI

Tastes Great but concerned about manufacturing processes

To be completely and 100% fair, I have tried this product before and enjoyed it. The only part that concerns me is that this product is manufactured in China, with no information on the sources of the fruits. On their website they say they “source fresh fruit” and that ” We are not concerned about issues surrounding where our product is produced because we take great care to ensure the quality and food safety of our products.” I’m not suggesting that this product is bad (which is why I gave it 5 stars) but I share more of a concern than evidently the company does, as to where they are getting this fruit, processing it and shipping it. With the history China has had with kid’s toys/formula/etc in the past, let’s just say we don’t feed these products to our child. I would love it if the company would provide a tour and exact explanation of the process and sources, rather than discounting that information all together.
CarinThree Forks, MT

Tasty, no vitamins, made in China, deceptive packaging

While these are tasty snacks, there is virtually no nutritional value in them. A quick check of the label shows insignificant amounts of and vitamins, even vitamin C, in any of the varieties. By insignificant, I mean less than 10% RDA. That is far below what one might find in the claimed 1-1/2 apples or pears per package. I will add that under ingredients, the only thing listed is the freeze-dried fruit on the label; there appear to be no additives, not even sugar, of any kind. While they are not strictly bad for you, this snack certainly qualifies as empty calories. Frankly you get more vitamins from a bag of potato chips.

In addition, these are made in China, this is stated on each envelope. Draw your own conclusions.

Finally, the package counts are deceptive. The subtexts often says “24 count”. Then in Amazon inset says “2 pack”. This leads a reasonable person to believe they are getting 2 24 packs for a total of 48 individual snack envelopes. In fact these are sold in packs of 12 (TWELVE) and you get two of them for a total of 24. I find this deceptive, or at best, confusing.

[Update, May 2012: It appears that the description of the item has been changed to avoid the confusion as to how many you are actually getting.]

To conclude, these are tasty, the texture is good, there seems to be no odd ingredients, refined sugar or artificial stuff and the serving size is reasonable. However, the utter absence of any nutritional value tells me that the process used to “freeze-dry” these seems different from other freeze-dry methods in that it is particularly destructive to nutrients. I find the fact that they are made in China troubling. Finally, the deceptive package counts found here in the product descriptions lead me not to purchase this again. [Note my previous acknowledgement of the improved product count description.]

ParisNorth Hills, CA

Not Good on several levels

Made in China! Food quality and growing conditions concern me. Packages are full of small broken pieces. Couldn’t tell how many of each fruit were in the 12 count variety box. Thought there’d be 4 of each flavor…Only 2 pears and 2 strawberries – rest were apples. Taste is very good but never would have bought if I’d known the origin. Not sure where packaging failed but broken tiny pieces aren’t what my 1-year old grandson wants. USA doesn’t have fruit??? Won’t buy again.
TonitaGlenhayes, WV

Made in China

These are good, but they are made in China. I wondered if they followed safe practices. Not being certain, I’ll opt out of buying again.
KaleyBureau, IL

Dissolves in mouth

I find the crisps dissolve in your mouth and aren’t especially filling. It’s pretty tasty and an unbelievable 40 calories per pack. But I think I’ll stick to regular apples as more filling and tastier.
LemuelHartman, AR

Great buy

I Love this cookie dough much better than typical chocolate chip. I baked these cookies for soldiers downrange and they were a hit. The cookies are easy to make requiring only and egg and some buter and the cookies are moist. I added myself to the subscritption list and have not been disappointed. It is much easeir to have these mailed monthly in a large box than to make a trip to the over packed grocery stores regularly
ChandraBoxholm, IA

Brothers-ALL-Natural Fruit Crisps

This product stains fingers. Much different than expected- I didn’t even know what crisps were-now I know. They stick my teeth too! I gave them away to a neighbor…not for me!
HeidiLoma, CO

GREAT snacks for daughter (AND Hubby & I)

I love that these snacks are 100% organic fruit with no additives. They break into small pieces for a healthy snack for my little one who is learning to eat solids. My husband and I love to grab them for a great on-the-go snack for ourselves, too!!
CareyBivins, TX

Made in China ~ all products!

This product is MADE IN CHINA, it is on all the packages. If I could do less stars on this review I would. I wouldn’t feed my dog food made in China so why would anyone want to eat this or give it to their children, I wouldn’t use any product that was edible or could be absorbed through my skin that was made in China(and certainly not as a willing purchase from an American company touting themselves as “America’s Leading Brand of Freeze Dried Fruit Snack”). run people, run!
KierstenBlue River, OR

5 stars for taste, 0 for origin

I opted on a 3 for these, I think they are delicious and was enjoying them all the time along with giving them to my daughter until I realized the were made in china, regardless of where you stand on foreign made products you can’t ignore the insane amount of recalls and health concerns that arise from products, including food items, produced there. So while I really enjoy the apples I won’t be ordering again and only hope that Disney & the Brother’s All Natural group change to producing these in the USA.
NakeshaEureka, NV

No fiber and made in china.

The taste is fine and the product has all sorts of certification, but most of the fiber has been removed and it is made in China. I would not buy it again.
GlyndaRutledge, AL

DO NOT BUY – Made in China

I purchased this for a snack for my toddler. I was shocked to discover the fruit is from China. Do your research, don’t buy this!
AngelineArthur, ND

Acceptable taste, Made IN CHINA

I bought 5 different brands & assorted dehydrated fruits. (Why so many? I send boxes to servicemen overseas). The taste of this product is ok but not good.

It is dehydrated so the texture is… well a dehydrated texture. The fruit taste mildly like the fruit they are suppose to be.

If real fruit flavor is what you seek & fresh fruit is not an option, buy DRIED fruit instead of dehydrated.

My concerns: I am reluctant to buy or eat any food product made in China. In 2008 all baby formula made in China was recalled due to dangerous contamination with poison chemicals, this was just a few years after a similar formula recall when it was discovered that Chinese made formula had substitued a chemical for the protein in formula & 10s of thousands or more babies were found to be sick or died from malnutrition.

In 2007 all or nearly all Chinese manufactured Pet Food was recalled for the same reasons.

Therefore I don’t trust any food product made in China. If you like this product then eat it as junk food. In my opinion, no one should assume it is a healthy snack or a better choice than a candy bar or cookie.

MayPittsboro, NC

Made in China – No Thanks!

Can’t get past the fact that these are made in China. I’m surprised at the “organic” food imported from China. I check EVERY label now — recently I even found several organic frozen veggies from China—broccoli for one. Also, check Mrs. May’s nut snacks—also from China.
AudreyFloodwood, MN

Great taste but AWFULLY Packaged

Before I even start the review, I want to tell you this shipment was 2 days late, so I could not be used for the purposed I planned for. I bought this to take it to a picnic so I can share with others. It taste great, real fruits, and it’s much better than other junk snacks, but It was ALL BROKEN into small pieces. I mean a half inch size. I gave this to my little one who’s 13 month old and he liked it, but I would not pay my money on this item and I will never bring this to a picnic to share with others since I do not want to be embarrased.
KymWauzeka, WI


While they may be good for you, these do not taste good. They taste weird and get stuck in your teeth.
DelBlythe, GA

Did not go over well with my children.

While my children enjoy the apple crisps from this company, the peach crisps were rejected. Odd taste to them.
BookerClarksdale, MO

much cheaper $12.99 at Costco store

my kids love these but I paid $22.24 for 24 bags on Amazon. I just came back from Costco where I only paid $12.99 for 20 bags! A whole lot cheaper at costco!!!
LavoniaTopock, AZ

Great snack – BUT title is deceiving!!

These are WONDERFUL — BUT, the title makes it sound like you get 24 bags that are 8.46 ounces each. NOT SO! Each bag is only 0.35 ounces. The 8.46 ounces is the amount you get for all the bags put together.

As I said, these are wonderful! But they are very expensive for the amount you get.

I gave them 4 stars because the title is deceiving! If you zoom in on the picture, you’ll see the bag says 0.35 ounces.

OzieBolivar, OH

Yummy, like candy!

I LOVE these ALOT. They are as satisfying as candy or carbs, but are also so good for you! I really like the fact they are preportioned also… great for dieters (30 calories a bag) and great for people that can’t buy fresh stuff b/c it goes bad too fast. They are a bit pricey, but worth it.
DaltonRosenberg, TX

Yum! My kids & I love these!

After reading that dried apples, when eaten daily, can help lower cholesterol levels, I’ve been on the lookout for good dried apples. I’ve tried different brands, and when we bought a variety pack of Brothers dried fruit crisps at a local store, we found our winner. I just got on Amazon to see if I could find a better price here.

My two year old and four year old have been devouring the pear and peach crisps. I’ve been eating the apple ones…and my 9 month old baby has even been enjoying the broken bits of the apple ones. These are an excellent, healthy snack. They have the “crunch” you’d expect from a potato chip, so they have that snack-y appeal. Knowing they’re all fruit, I love feeding them to my kids…and I love eating these, too!

MariaClaiborne, MD

Very good

I bought these because my son likes the freeze dried fruit that’s available at grocery stores and wanted a little more variety and a better price. These are very tasty. My only complaint is that there are fewer strawberry/banana packets than the others, and of course they are my son’s favorite.
JolynCanaan, CT

All broken in pieces. Expensive.

These fruit chips are healthy but most of them are in broken pieces inside the bag even though the packaging is good. And it costs too much for the amount of chips.I do not recommend.
MajorieFiler, ID

I eat these when I want to punish myself.

The Asian Pear nails you with an overwhelming aroma and not much improved flavor; I love Asian Pears but didn’t find these comparable. Same with the Fuji apples, which taste..just..old. The strawberries and bananas are clearly the best, but still have a slight off taste to them.
PS Snagged ’em @ Costco…For cheaper, but the same product, of course.
BTW: Last time I checked, that’s not what an Asian Pear looks like, box.
MarquittaClarksburg, TN


These are easily dissolvable for smaller kids. They are also addictively yummy. They are a staple in my 4 year old’s lunchbox, and for an easy snack for my one-year old!
VickeyStevenson, AL