Brownie Brittle Chocolate Chip, 16 Ounce

Deliciously Rich Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Baked to a Delicate Crisp. One bite of Brownie Brittle and you’ll be amazed at how we squeeze a mountain of chocolate goodness into a wafer-thin snack.

Quick facts

  • 16 ounce bag

Top reviews

Can’t Stop Eating This Stuff

This product is a very crispy chocolate chocolate chip cookie. It is described on the bag as the crispy part of a brownie, but it really reminds me more of a well done cookie. The pieces are not uniform in size, so you can reach in the bag and retrieve a small piece or one as large as your hand. But each piece is very crispy and the flavor is fantastic. It is difficult to stop eating these. We bought one bag and it was gone in a day, which led me to look on Amazon to see if I could buy more of it and have it conveniently delivered, hopefully in bulk supply, to my home. Just back the truck up to my garage and unload the boxes … that would be fine with me. So, if you contemplate ordering this product, do not buy just one bag. You will be sorry. Instead, buy many bags, keep your family happy, and enjoy one of the best snacks ever invented.
VelvetWest Middlesex, PA

Crispy Brownies

They are like thin brownie cookies. Strikes a good balance of flavors. Describing a flavor is next to impossible, but, do yourself a favor, order these…..thank me later.
SethSelmer, TN

Brownie taste, edge crispiness, no boring soft middle pieces!

I absolutely adore the crunchy edge gits of a pan of brownies…unfortunately, so does the rest of my family. Whenever we bake a pan, the edge pieces (especially the corners) vanish in an instant, leaving the soft middle to be picked away at.

Then…we discovered brownie brittle. This stuff is fantastic! The chocolate level is very rich, so I can rarely handle more than one or two of the bigger pieces…which is fantastic, because I get my crunchy brownie edge fix without feeling guilty that I just scarfed down a 200-calorie brownie.

NaTreadwell, NY

Super Yummy!

Super delicious! Everyone in my family loves it. I’m the kind that read labels before I buy food off the shelf. And I have to say I approved it :o) For something like this, the calories and sugar are pretty reasonable… but like anything else… you just need to know when to stop eating! I can’t wait to top this off my vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.
KyleStaley, NC