Brussel’s Bonsai 53805 Gardenia Bonsai

Our Gardenias bloom prolifically from March through June. Their shiny, dark foliage provides a striking contrast for its white blooms. Gardenia have a fantastic fragrance that is enjoyed by everyone.

Quick facts

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  • Ships anywhere within the U.S. except to Arizona, Hawaii & Alaska
  • Blooms from March through June
  • Shiny, Dark Foliage; Fragrant, White Flowers
  • Grown in Carefully Controlled Conditions
  • 4 Years Old
  • 8 to 10 Inches Tall

Top reviews

yellow spots

I bought this for my mom as a gift. It looked ok…at first just a little “over watered”. Instead of blooming it developed yellow spots and all of the leaves are dropping off. It has a bacteria. I would never buy this again. Before I learned what the problem was she gave it back to me to try and fix. I put it with my other gardenias and now I realize I may have contaminated my own plants.
AllysonHerndon, KY

pot shattered!!!! no replacement available!

I bought this as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom and it arrived with the pot shattered! She said the bonsai is fine but she was so sad that she had to go buy a new pot. I tried to use the returns process to get a replacement and apparently that’s not an option because they are all of a sudden out of stock. How in the world do you return a tree? I just want a new pot or compensation for the new pot my mom must now go out and buy. 🙁
BetteHazen, AR


The gardenia was packed very well, looked great, I followed the directions, but the plant appeared to be suicidal; it started losing leaves immediately. They turned spotty black and brown, fell off, and I’m left with a nearly leaflass carcass. However, it is still alive, I’m still following the instructions, and hope springs eternal. My $9.00 gardenia from a Big Box store is thriving (Although Not a Bonsai), as are my other plants, so I know it’s not me. Help!
ArmandoCalipatria, CA

so cute!!

I bought one of these for my mother bc it is her favorite flower. It got to her in beautiful shape. Has not bloomed yet but is going strong:)
ShariceWaterville, WA

not even worthy of one star

made mistake of my wife and myself trying to revive plant where everything fell off within few days as was stated by another review where exact same thing happened. finally after few tries and we both have many successful bonsai plants and some from seeds my wife declared plant dead and when i called brussel’s bonsai they said i was not considered their customer because i purchased plant from amazon and when i looked at amazon return policy i found it no longer covered as period where we tried to revive plant took us past return day(by a lot). total lack of anything that could be called customer service and will never purchase anything from them again. very rude and even swore at me when i tried to explain what had happened. i think amazon should take some of the reviews of this particular plant and realize something is wrong and make it right with both myself and other customers who complained about this product. definitely lots of dependable sources for bonsai on internet but brussel’s is not one of them, buyer beware buyer beware buyer beware
PhilLetts, IA

COMMON GARDENIA PROBLEMS and their solutions

I’ve bought three Bonsais from BRUSSELS BONSAI in the last week, and I have to tell you, i’m impressed by the service, and the quality of their trees. I’ve had about a half decade experience with bonsai, and considering that an old bonsai is anywhere from 75-150 years old, I’m STILL a neophyle. However, a neophyle in Bonsai can still have lots of experience with gardening, and I have that. The first thing I’d say to those who hesitate to purchase a Gardenia after reading the bad reviews here, is I seriously doubt that ANY problem you read about is from the plant, but rather the plant’s caregivers. GARDENIA IS NOT A FIRST ATTEMPT BONSAI. If you want an easy plant, get a Chinese Elm, or a juniper. However, lets say you have a Gardenia, and you dont want to commit bonsai hari-kari, then here are some suggestions.

1. These are tropical plants, zone 8-11, and don’t thrive below 50-59 degrees. Everything i’ve read says to protect from drafts, give them LOTS of light (Southern Exposure), using a grow light, or florescent light in the dead of winter if nessacary. If you have it on a windowsill, you might turn it around, so the back faces front from time to time. MAKE SURE IT DOESNT GET TOO HOT OR COLD.

2. As tropical plant, THESE PLANTS REQUIRE HUMIDITY. More humidity than you will get with a humidity tray placed under your pot. I’ve sat a tray of water next to the plant as well. This is obviously a big problem in winter in the north, where dry houses are common fron central heating. PLANTS WONT FLOWER WITHOUT PROPER HUMIDITY. (or the flower buds drop off, right before flowering.)

3.DO NOT MIST. The people who complain of yellow spots on their leaves, got those spots from either allowing water to sit on the leaves, or from misting the plants. Misting also leads to leaf rot. Obviously these are VERY TEMPERMENTAL PLANTS. You need to provide enough water, too little or too much, and your leaves will drop off. Water less during the winter, and keep well watered in the growing season, and hot, sunny weather.

4. FERTILIZE the plant with an azalea plant food (ACIDIC/high nitrogen). Do this in the spring, dropping to a low nitrogen food in the summer. I’ve read that the plants enjoy getting fed thru their leaves once, during the spring.

5. INSECTICIDES. The gardenia gets scale insects that suck the sap, also white flies and aphids. You can pick off the bugs if just a few. I’ve seen people use flypaper to grab gnat like pests, tho a weak insecticide if you have too many bugs to pick off by hand. Gardenias can also get mildew, from the high humidity, which will require removing the infected leaves, and even using a fungicide if nessacary.

6. PRUNE this bonsai only if it’s lost all shape, and then after flowering, careful not to remove next season’s buds. Stems with 6-7 leaves, can be trimmed by hand back to 3 leaves. Repot them in early spring, making sure the soil has NO LIME (acidic soil lover), and is free draining and fertile. Personally, I think you can get away waiting til the plant is completely pot bound.

TAKE NOTICE! These plants need a fairly constant tempurature, tho some writers say they can require cooler nigthtime tempuratures. These plants are so tempermental, that even moving them around, can cause them to have problems. Its no joke that plants appreciate prayer and gentle talk, tho that might be because you are close to them, breathing CO2 on the plant, which they breathe in. It’s not a bad idea to research these plants on line, where you’ll find lots of websites filled with gardenia suggestions, youtube videos, and helpful hints. GOOD LUCK BONSAI LOVERS!

OwenAdams Run, SC

Nice, healthy bonsai!

I ordered a gardenia bonsai from Brussel’s Bonsai. It arrived well packaged, healthy, and with flower buds! I am very pleased with the purchase and would order from them again.
AdinaYoung America, IN

So far it’s still alive

This plant came with no flowers which was disappointing but then again, it was December. The leaves all fell out (almost all) and then sprouted new fresh ones. I think it will thrive beautifully in the Spring – I cannot wait.

This plant came well packaged and bonsai plants give you luck if you believe in Feng Shui. This seller ships fast and packs the plant well. I will definitely order again another bonsai plant for our living room. I wish they would sell more variety though.

BeverleeKirkville, IA

Nice plant

The plant came in a very nice pot, and was packaged extremely well. No complaints.
QuincyFreeland, MD

Bonsai gardenia

Tree came in good shape and is living in the kitchen.
Very good experience.
FlorFlorence, SC

Very nicely packaged

The bonsai was very tightly packaged and arrived shortly after my order. It was full of leaves and the friend I bought it for loves it. Waiting to see if it blooms in March/April but everything looks decent so far.
JohnsieFriendship, MD