Brussel’s DT3066AZ Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

With small, round leaves and large, pink flowers blooming from May to June, this broadleaf flowering bonsai is packed with stems for a gorgeous late spring show. Though the Satsuki Azalea has just one flower per stem, the shrub has so many stems that during the flowering season they are a solid mass of color. Grown in Japan for centuries, the Satsuki Azalea’s graceful trunk movement adds distinct shape to the patio, deck or garden. This particular bonsai is 5 years old and stands 8 inches tall. Although evergreens can be displayed indoors for short periods of time, they need to experience seasonal changes and should be kept outside year round. Brussels grows specimens only under carefully controlled conditions, meticulously training each tree with wire and pruning over a period of years. If upon the tree’s arrival some leaves have dropped or turned slightly brown that does not mean the bonsai is unhealthy. Defoliation is the natural result of being in the low-light environment of a shipping box. When you receive your tree, place the box in a shaded area to unpack. Inspect tree for damage to branches or leaves. Water soil if dry, and place the tree in shade for at least one week before moving to a sunny location. What is a Bonsai? Literally, the Japanese word “bonsai” means “tray tree” or “plant grown in a pot.” The term refers to the artistic techniques used to capture the natural beauty of trees, rather than a specific variety of tree. A full-grown tree and a bonsai can be grown from the same seed–the bonsai has simply been dwarfed and shaped through years of training. For more information on care and training visit Brussel’s Bonsai on the Web.

Quick facts

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  • Satsuki azalea bonsai; deciduous, outdoor tree
  • Grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries
  • Graceful trunk movement
  • Pink, white, or red blooms in spring
  • 5 years old, 8 inches tall

Top reviews

Outstanding! Bought 2 as gifts, now I’ve got to get some for me!

I’ve traveled into NYC to the flower district, and shopped in Bonzai shops, and picked up pretty good Bonzai over the years. NONE have compared to the quality and beauty of the bonzai from this source.

The people I gave these to as gifts were blown away.

Not only were they good strong specimens, they were beautifully shaped and pruned. These are not just small cuttings stuck in the ground and allowed to grow until mature enough to ship. They are crafted for beauty.

Buy them here, and you will be truly pleased.

GiaSaint Lucas, IA

cheap is cheap

The plant looks like it was shaved. It does not look like the picture at all. No quality. I have purchased other bonsai from other vendors and they look great.As if they trimmed the dead leaves to look good but the shape of the plant is bad and after 3 days the leaves are starting to fall.
ColumbusCrook, CO

Brussel’s DT3066AZ Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsi

I ordered this plant in may for my mom for Mother’s day. I don’t know about the like of the plant as we did not receive the plant that I ordered. The box and the invoice state that it was the azalea outdoor bonsi but a Rhododendron plant was received instead. you might want to check you order closely when opening the box and check the tag as it might not be what you ordered. can’t properly rate this item as we never received this item. it is difficult to rate something you never received in the first place so it’s ok is the best choice i could make.
LeonChoteau, MT

not pleased I

I dont know if this product is dormant or dead. No leaves, giving it great care. I have a grow lamp on it. Both of my azalea and geranium will have to be reordered. Any advise given will be helpful.
LeonaCaldwell, AR

just a small bush

I have received this Satsuki Azalea as a gift. The person who gave it to me was very excited … until the box was opened. Wat we have found in the box was just a small bush, not cut, not trained at all, nothing that was even close to the picture. And I do not mean flowers. Well, I thought that it was my job to train it, which I will do. By no means however it was the intent of the gift giver.
VannessaEleva, WI

Amazing Quality and Shape!

It is unbelievable that I was able to buy this quality of a bonsai tree for under $25. It arrived fast and it looked beautiful right out of the box. I will be purchasing more and I suggest that if you’re interested enough to read this, you really should take my advice and get one for yourself! Great Buy!!
KeithFlorissant, CO

Beautiful Bonsai

I had seen a 750 year old Satsuki bonsai at a large bonsai shop that I visit once a year. (Several years ago). I fell madly in love with this bonsai, but could not afford the $1,000 plus price tag. I had been looking for this bonsai forever, craft fairs, bonsai shops, flower shops, you name it. One day, I was just looking for different things, surfing through and there it was. The bonsai that I waited for, longed for and wanted so badly! The best thing is that I got it just before I went in for surgery. I knew that it was waiting for me at home, to come home and take care of it so that it will flower for me, year after year. In fact, it came with buds on it and flowered the day before I went into the hospital! What a wonderful gift to give yourself!!!
ChetClaytonville, IL


I was very disappointed with the Azalea Bonsai Tree. First of all the picture that was represented on this site was not what I actually received. For the money spent, I was truly disappointed with the size and everything else. I would not order this item again.
LynellNashville, KS

Just a bush

Not worth the money.

The plant that I received is not even close to the pictures that are shown. There is no single trunk, it’s just a bush.

Bonsai’s are supposed to look like trees but without a trunk there’s not really anything I can do to remedy this… Rather disappointed, and I’m not sure if I can return it or not.

What I have received makes me quite suspicious of the 5-star reviews that this product has also received.

ClaritaWileyville, WV

eight blooms and counting!

after receiving my bonsai about 6 weeks ago, i am a proud owner of a beautiful desktop azalea with several blooms!! water and morning sun was all it took. on overcast days last month (seattle has many of those) i would put it and its humidity tray always filled to the rim with water, under a 60 watt light in the living room. couldn’t be happier with my purchase!
GermaineRose Lodge, OR


Brussel is the best in this business! Dozens of flowers bloomed within a few weeks and were so healthy and pink! Plant was shipped so well and fast (2 days)! My second plant and more to come! Bought the plant for my mother as a mother’s day gift and were so much better than flowers because they will last for months and years!
TorrieGrantsdale, MT

Review of Purchase

I purchased a Bonzai Azalea plant as a gift for a friend because she admired one that I received as a gift. I visit my friend often and notice how well the Bonzai plant is doing. I do not know where my gift was purchased, only that it was done over the internet. However, I have purchased books from […] and feel the company has good merchandise and a good reputation and feel comfortable ordering from them.

To sum it up, I feel very pleased with the purchased of the Bonzai Azalea.

GregoryHallsville, TX

didnt know id have to put my plant outside

i am not happy with the fact that i have to winter my azalea bonsai. im guessing it is just a normal plant that has been cut to make it look like a bonsai. next time i will read the fine print.
LoriaWyco, WV

Very Disappointed

I received this plant for Mother’s Day from my daughter. There were no flowers and looked nothing like the picture. Like several other reviews, the plant was dead within the month, although I followed the instructions. When watering the plant, because the DIRT was so hard, the water just ran right off, rather than soaking in. Finally, I kept it sitting in a pan of water in addition to the regular watering. Unfortunately, by then it was too late. Instead of the package being addressed to me, it was addressed with my daughter’s name and my address. I do not recommend buying this plant.
CaitlinWoolstock, IA

Packing and shipping from vender not good.

I ordered this and paid for one day shipping early afternoon Thursday. To find out later it was not scheduled to arrive until the following Tuesday. It did end up arriving on Monday ( I was hoping for Friday). When it did arrive as a gift to my Mother in law, the name on box was someone completely different with my mother in laws address. The gift note included was also from someone elses family. Needless to say she was confused. After sorting it out she said the product was cute had one little flower on it. Very dissapointed in the shipping as it was labeled to be a gift for Mother’s day.Brussel’s Bonsai – Azalea Bonsai
JacquelynRosemead, CA

pot is broken

I bought this beautiful plant for Mother’s Day and it arrived just right in time, but we are dissapointed when we found out that the pot is broken and obviously you cannot grow it. I am sure that Amazon will do some actions about this to compensate our inconvenience.
JodieCrete, NE

False advertisment

Bonsai tree received without flower. Not even a bud.
Followed direction: out door, under protected sun light.
Watered as directed.
Pot taken indoor when windy and rainy.
3 months later, still no flowers, no bud.
Leaves look like they are dying: dull, dry, brittle

Absolutely disappointed. Item received was no way near what was
advertised/described. Will not purchase from this vendor again.

AlfredoSummer Shade, KY


I ordered this plant December 3, 2011 for Christmas for my brother’s family. It’s too late to get them anything else. Thank you for ruining this Christmas present. This is by far the slowest company I have ever dealt with. It’s almost February. Are you planning on sending the plant December, 2012?
CecilLeakey, TX

No luck

I bought two of these one for my mother and one for my mother-in-law. Within a month, the plants were dead. They followed the directions to the letter, but they still died. Rather frustrating buying a gift only to have it last for a month.
ShelaBristol, RI


I bought this bonsai as a Mother’s Day gift. It arrived with tons of blooms on it, and is lovely. It is a bit bushy, unlike the picture, but I figure they ship it untrimmed in order to protect the blooms.
I’m very happy with the purchase!
PetraMilford, CT

Love it

I purchased this, altho hesitant, for my Mother for Mother’s Day. I considered sending flowers, but when I stumbled across this, I thought I’d give it a shot. She was very happy w/ the bonsai. It had two blooms on it when she opened it on Tuesday. Today is Friday and she called to tell me in now has 3 more blooms! No dead leaves, very well packaged. My Aunt now wants one as well!
BrentonHoyt, OK

Very pretty

This was a replacement that I bought for the one that my son gave me for Mother’s Day. That one came from […]., and it was healthy, but I somehow managed to kill it. In the meantime, I became very fond of the idea of having a bonsai plant, and I’m planning to buy a more expensive one later on, but for now, I love this one. Unless he notices, I’m not mentioning that it’s a different Azalea.

Obviously Azaleas are outdoor plants, but our winters can get cold, even down south, so I bought a grow-light from, and I’m going to try to get this Azalea through the winter indoors. In the spring, I can set it out under the arbor in the backyard.

It came well packaged, hardly any dirt or leaves had fallen into the box, and the soil was still damp. I very gently freed it from the supporting cardboard by cutting the side out of the box. Just a few minutes of snipping random yellow leaves (only half a dozen or so), and it looks happy underneath the grow-light. I placed a pretty rock and a little mudman statue underneath the “tree”. Wish me luck with this one!

AudreaFairview, UT

Great gift

I just received this plant as a gift today. It arrived well wrapped, in great health and with an attractive pot. Because I tend to kill plants, check back in with me in a few months and we can discuss whether it is still living.
ArnettaPleasant Hill, LA

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree

Bought this little tree thinking it would be really small and not yet ready to bloom. It is a very healthy little tree, well rooted in a nice pot, and it lives on my north Florida front porch in full morning sun and afternoon shade. It has surprised me by blooming several times already! I am very pleased with this purchase and will look for more trees from this merchant when the weather is cool enough for mailing live plants once more!
ElfriedeCub Run, KY