Brussel’s Hinoki Cypress Bonsai

Hinoki Cypress have a graceful branching habit, with delicate fan-shaped foliage. These trees retain their dark green leaves the entire year, so they always look their best. Following Japanese tradition, only unglazed containers are used for potting this outdoor bonsai.

Quick facts

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  • Fern-like foliage all year
  • Outdoor bonsai that enjoys full sun
  • Supplied by America’s largest bonsai nursery
  • 5 years old; 15 inches tall
  • Chamaecyparis obtusa

Top reviews

Live plants from Amazon?!

Sure why not. I’ve purchased plants via catalog for years and it can be frustrating to make the call and then find out that my first three choices are not in stock. Or worse, place the order and find out upon delivery that certain items were out of stock. I like that when purchasing from amazon I know whether or not there is inventory of a particular item before I make the purchase. I haven’t pulled the trigger on one of these bonsai’s yet, but I’m giving it 5 stars just for the effort. What’s next, amazon, livestock?!
ShantellBitely, MI

bonsai semi-novice

The tree came in great condition, healthy and alive. To add on some of the other comments:

-Of course it doesn’t come looking like a mature, trained bonsai tree. It’s a 39 dollar tree!! It won’t be trained for that cost!!!!! A fully trained tree takes years and much care to create the illusion of an old, natural tree. I recommend getting a book and reading up a little before buying. For the price, this tree is a bargain!!

-As far as I can tell, the styrofoam peanuts are the only way to really protect the tree in transit. Yes, they’re a pain to unpack (took 10 minutes) but it’s worth protecting the tree. However, if you noticed, they use corn-starch based foam and they dissolve in water. They’re not environmentally unfriendly. They’re not petro-carbon based polymer. They’re perfectly safe and if you don’t want to throw them away, pour them in a bucket of water and pour the water on your lawn. It may even have some fertilizing properties.

ShonnaChatham, PA