Brussel’s Jade Bonsai

The Dwarf Jade is one of the easiest indoor bonsai to grow and is recommended for beginners. Small, rounded, fleshy leaves contrast nicely with straight, substantial trunks. Dwarf Jade trees adapt well to a variety of light conditions and can manage without water for long periods. These trees grow quickly so no long waits are required to observe the results of styling efforts.

Quick facts

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  • Easy care favorite
  • Perfect for the home or office
  • Supplied by America’s largest bonsai nursery
  • 5 years old; 11 inches tall
  • Portulacaria afra

Top reviews

Dead Tree

Shipping was not the problem; the tree came nicely packaged. However, it was dead to begin with. The leaves were brown. Over the next couple of weeks, I watered the tree consistently, hoping I could revive it. The only thing that I was successfully growing in that pot was moss. The tree continued to look worse and worse. I’m positive that I didn’t do anything wrong. I watered it every day, made sure it was getting plenty of sunlight, and even misted the leaves. I want either a new, LIVING tree, or my money back.
YoshikoLa Harpe, KS

Not for shade

The description of this tree said that it was ideal for areas that do not receive much sunlight. So I bought it as a birthday present to a person that lives in a typical NYC apt (some light, but no direct sunlight). Well, that person did some extra searching and found that another site described this tree for sunny locations. And of course, the bonsai died.
LashundaCarthage, IN

nice tree

The shipping was super quick and the tree was nice too. But the only complain i have that brussels should include an option to buy a humidity tray with the appropriate tree. The whole convenience of buying a tree on the web is lost if you have to go and look for a humidity tray afterwards.
RobertHarrisburg, OH

Excellent Condition & Quality w/Fast Shipping

The Bonsai Jade came in beautiful condition (exactly like the image)! Shipping was not only faster than expected (3 days) it was also packaged very well. There was no damage & it was very well watered. It also came w/a great little care instructions pamphlet. Finally the price was considerably less than I’ve seen in retail stores. Very satisfied!!
NicoleOlivet, MI

Exactly as I had hoped it would be.

My Brussel’s Jade Bonsai arrived in two days which was quicker than I expected. It was so well packed that it suffered no damage from transport by U.P.S. I ordered it on Feb. 26 and it was shipped on Mar. 1; I received it on March 3 when the weather was still cold but not frigid; the plant seemed cool, but it did no damage to it. Thanks for a product that was exactly as described and pictured and that was packed for shipment very well.
HuiCrenshaw, MS

Just in time for Christmas

Shipping was fast. The item arrived via UPS in a large box filled with shipping popcorn. The soil was very moist. The plant itself was the right size for the pot. The ceramic pot was black- not as pictured on here (blue). It was rectangular in shape, not oval as pictured. Otherwise, the plant was in good condition.
GlennDurand, IL