Buckwheat Groats Extra 800 g – Uvelka

Buckwheat is produced from the buckwheat and the production is processed with steam. Buckwheat is rich in amino acids and protein.

Quick facts

  • Buckwheat Groats Extra 800 g/28.2 oz – Uvelka
  • Made in Russia

Top reviews

So good (and by good, I mean healthy)

I was introduced to buckwheat groats while stationed overseas and have learned to love them. Incredibly healthy. I personally love to mix the uncooked groats with greek yogurt and let the mixture sit overnight. The groats absorb the liquid of the yogurt, and become soft and pliable. Proceed to eat, or mix in a little honey or agave nectar to sweeten it. A great treat you’ll learn to love.
BerryVesta, VA

Great taste.

Great and native taste! Great shipping. Naturally food for everyday. It can be combined with meat (fried pork, fried beef), sweet butter.
GeraldSaffell, AR

good old fashioned buckwheat

Very good buckwheat, smells and tastes great! There are very few impurities in the package, so wash it before cooking.
GwenGeorgiana, AL

Good enough

The product is almost what I expected. I have tried better ones but this is almost as good as those I have bought before. But this is my own opinion and I’m not saying that isn’t taste good.
I definitely will keep buying this product because I don’t want to risk and buy a brand that doesn’t satisfy me.
I recommend it, I liked the taste and loved the texture.
GretchenMadison, NY