Bufalo Chipotle Mexican Hot Sauce – 5.8 oz.

Bufalo Chipotle Hot Sauce is a delicious blend of smoked red jalapenos and spices.

Quick facts

  • Net Wt. 5.8 oz.
  • Product of Mexico

Top reviews

Great old standard

Looks like road tar – tastes like heaven. Old line Mexican chipotle sauce, not too hot and much cheaper than the trendy boutique sauces.
LakendraOjai, CA

One of the best Chipotle sauces I have tasted

I saw this at my local grocer one day and bought it on a whim. I did not hold out high hopes but this stuff gave me a very pleasant surprise!

The smoky flavor of chipotles is the main star in this sauce of course, and has a lovely tangy/sweet balance. This sauce is very versatile I have found, being good right out of the bottle with cheeze and crackers, or as a condiment with cooked meats. The heat is rather mild, allowing you to get as much of the great flavor of this sauce onto your dishes as you wish.

I highly recommend this sauce.

SomerWest Jefferson, OH