Builder Bar, Peanut Butter, 2.4 oz


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Sorry to give these up — afraid of cancer recurrence

The flavor of these bars is very, very good. They are filling and have many good nutritive qualities.

That being said, we have to stop buying these bars. They are using soy protein isolate, which probably met two of the manufacturer’s goals:

1) Vegetarian/non dairy
2) Save money — that is one cheap-o source of protein

Although we all know that an alternative — WHEY protein from cross-microfiltration — is the highest form of protein available right now, it is expensive. It is more easily assimilated than soy, causes fewer GI issues (gas, indigestion, etc.), and has a better amino acid profile, etc., plus has little to no lactose remaining.

“Instead of using destructive chemicals, cross-flow microfiltration uses filters to separate protein from undesirable fat, cholesterol and lactose, based on molecular size and shape.(18) The low-temperature process isolates the native protein of whey at its biologically natural pH, carefully preserving its biological activity. GMPs and other immune-boosting components remain intact.”

informational reference: www <dot> sportswhey <dot> com/science_ion_exchange.htm

Aside from the problem we have with the grossly inferior form of protein they are using, our main reason for stopping with this product is this:

>>>>> We don’t want our cancer to return. <<<<<<<

We have had breast cancer, and it was estrogen positive. Our oncologist has indicated that while foods containing soy are ok in reasonable amounts, SOY ISOLATES ARE NOT SAFE FOR THESE TYPES OF CANCERS.

Research backs this up.

These bars are possibly cancer-promoting in the sense that they have estrogenic-effects.

Women who are at risk for breast cancer (and who knows how much of the population this includes — we don’t know until after we have gotten it most of the time) SHOULD NOT BE EATING THESE BARS.

Maybe they can put a warning label on them to say women should check with their doctors before consuming them.

The research on this is readily available on the Internet, and my oncologist has studied this issue extensively.

We are sad to give these bars up because they were our favorite in terms of flavor.

SauOrcas, WA