Bumble Bee Foods Lunch On The Run Tuna Salad Kit, 8.1-Ounce Packages

Bumble Bee Lunch on the Run Chicken Salad Kit Bumble Bee “Lunch on the Run” Chicken Salad Complete Lunch Kit This Bumble Bee chicken salad kit has everything you need for a quick, delicious meal. It includes creamy chicken salad, crackers, mixed fruit, a cookie, and a spoon – all packed and ready to go. This kit is the perfect solution for almost any meal occasion. Bumble Bee Lunch on the Run Tuna Salad Kit Bumble Bee “Lunch on the Run” Tuna Salad Complete Lunch Kit Bumble Bee has created another delicious kit featuring everything you need for a quick and tasty meal. The tuna salad kit includes creamy tuna salad, crackers, diced peaches, a cookie, and a spoon. Just grab it and go! Grab a great-tasting, nutritious, and convenient “Lunch on the Run” kit from Bumble Bee today.

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Tuna Salad & crackers are nice, but I don’t care for the peaches

I ordered this without looking at the reviews – I wish I had; the tuna salad and crackers are just fine, but I don’t care for peaches . . . if I had known the package included a cup of peaches, I wouldn’t have ordered the item. I know now that all three reviews in existence on May 11, 2011 mentioned the peaches, but I feel I shouldn’t have to look at the reviews in order to know what the contents of the package I’m ordering are going to be.
DennisKenton, OK

Great tasting and great value

This meal is a much better deal than the more expensive Starkist “lunch to go” as it includes not only tuna and crackers but also peaches and a cookie. As the other reviewers said, all of the included items are very tasty. This is a great value and very convenient for me to carry to work each day. It’s nice to get two boxes at a time and save on shipping as well.
WildaWaynesboro, PA

Food stale/gone bad

I don’t know if I received a bad batch, but the tuna in the can tasted sour, as if it had gone bad. I think it may have been sitting in the warehouse for too long? In addition, the cookie was rock hard and inedible.
BettinaCreighton, NE

Delicious and a bargain

I’ve always been a fan of Bumble Bee tuna and easy meals on the go. But this is just brilliant. The tuna salad is great alone. The peaches and cookie are a nice touch to round out the meal. I’ve been looking for these for a while and have been difficult to track down. This is a good price compared to other sites. A meal to go under $3.00 is a good bargain. Delicious!
LuzHurley, SD

This Ready to Eat Meal Tastes Good

When hurricane season approaches, this is what we pick up for our emergency food rations. The tuna salad is already mixed so there is no mess. No can opener required. This kit includes:

2.9 oz. can of tuna salad
4.0 oz. snack cup of diced peaches
foil wrapped pack of 6 crisp crackers
chocolate chip cookie
plastic fork/spoon

It provides 500 calories. I can assure you, having a chocolate chip cookie (even when it is dry) is a great comfort when your property is being shredded by howling winds. These kits are packed well enough and light for travel, but not crush proof. The soft lids peel right off without cutting fingers.

I tried some MRE dehydrated hiking/hunting food. Ugh! I much prefer having my eggs in this tuna salad. They are mixed with mayonaise, water chestnuts, carrots and celery. The shelf life is one year if you can refrain from eating them that long.

We enjoy eating these good tasting snacks when there are no emergencies. We love premium quality Bumble Bee tuna. It is Dolphin Safe.

SantosCope, CO

Perfect lunch-at-work meal

I love having something in my desk that I can just dig into at lunch without even having to go stand in line for the microwave in the breakroom. But finding something really satisfying and tasty, and for under $3, is amazing! I’ve always loved Bumblee Bee tuna anyway, and their tuna salad mix is fantastic. The peaches and cookie both taste great, and the whole thing makes for a really satisfying lunch…and perfect for at work.
MelinaDanube, MN

Great tasting tuna kit! Cookie, not so good.

This tuna kit is the best. I’ve had the starkist brand a lot, but that one is so messy and hard to make. With this one, all you do is pop the can open and enjoy delicious tuna on crackers! Speaking of which, there are never enough crackers in these kits to go with the amount of tuna, unless you heap the tuna on. I like to keep an extra sleeve of crackers in my drawer at work to finish off the tuna.

The tuna can looks small, but it is plenty for me. The included peach cup is a nice touch to round out the lunch.

The cookie on the other hand is bland, dry, brittle, and tasteless. I’d almost prefer no cookie than what they have included in this kit. They either need to drop the cookie all together or replace it with something a little better tasting.

Despite the cookie, this kit is awesome, I will buy many more!

BrainComfort, NC

So cheap! Great product!

I’ve tried this lunch kit before, seeing it on sale in the grocery store. It’s a great concept, a “lunchable” for adults that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. For $2.50/kit, it’s also a great deal (especially with free shipping!). 500 calories for lunch isn’t bad and the cookie can always be kept for later or given to someone else to cut calories further. I wouldn’t recommend eating this everyday, as other reviewers have mentioned. Tuna has a high level of mercury, so you really want to limit yourself to eating 1 – 2 servings per week. I usually see the kits on sale for around $3, so it’s not that great of a deal. However, it’s really nice to have a case of 8 in the pantry. It’s also something that can be used in food storage for emergencies.
ClaudineMalden, MO

Very good, compact, and tasty

I have a Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge at work and bring these to work to eat. I like my tuna and peaches cold, always have for some reason. I have one in the mini fridge, for when I get in my office in the morning; and bring an extra to put in for tomorrow. I love these along with a small juice pouch.

I like the whole set: the tuna salad in the can with an easy open lid, the sweet juicy peaches, crackers for the tuna, and a cookie to top it off with. Yum! They go great with juice. This kit helps me avoid the community fridge, so I don’t have to worry about the sorry excuse “I thought this was anybodys food in this fridge” when my tuna ends up missing.

Luckily enough, I can shove the kit and pouch in the tiny Coke fridge of mine. For the price of this kit it’s awesome! Plus it keeps me from the community fridge, it pays for itself right there!

Yeah, this tuna deserves 5 stars! For the price and convienence, it’s a steal. All the food is very good and full on flavor. I recommend this to anyone who loves tuna. Unfortunately Amazon no longer ships these 8 packs. I wish they would, cause it’s a great combo.

I also have a comment about one user complaining about it coming with some peaches; is it really that hard to toss those away? Plus, deduct 2 stars from a 5 star product just beause it gave extra accessories? I mean really, come on.

CleoNew York, NY

Great lunch to have in a hurry

I keep buying these because I am often running late in the morning and dont have time to pack a lunch. Since you dont have to refridgerate, I just keep these in my office so I dont have to take a “lunch break” to go get fast food or something.
SebrinaVan Wyck, SC

Delicious snack product

The tuna mix is some of the best I have ever tasted, and with the crackers, it makes a great lunch on the go or snack. And the fruit and cookie only finish it off delightfully.
BrandenIngalls, MI

Lunch on the Run

Our local stores quit stocking Lunch on the Run. I couldn’t find it locally. By chance I checked on Amazon and ended up buying two cases. And the price was a real deal to what I was paying at the store. I drive locally and they are great to carry in the truck. When you don’t have time to stop or able to park, these are great. Sure glad I found them on Amazon. And the service was great.
DesireBenton, KY

I love these!

Not sure why, but I really do love these. Except the cookie. The cookies are no good but who needs a cookie anyway? Crackers, tuna & peaches are yummy!
CameliaMineral Wells, TX


This is a perfect lunch. If they could figure out how to add a drink, like apple juice, that’d be awesome!!!
DiedreHenning, MN

Tasty and Satisfying

I bought some of these to have in my emergency kit during the tornado season. Now that the danger in my area has passed and being hungry and not wanting to cook, I cracked one of these open. The tuna-to-cracker ratio is perfect. The tuna salad is great and the peaches and cookie were also yummy. Perfect portions for a quick light lunch. It’s the rare “kit” that tastes this good for such a good price. A+, Bumble Bee.
ElizabethGrayville, IL