Bumble Bee Sensations Seasoned Tuna with Crackers, Spicy Thai Chili, 3.6 Ounce Packages

Enjoy lightly marinated, perfectly seasoned premium tuna. Bumble Bee Sensations Tuna comes with a quick-open lid. Delicious on-the-go, or for a quick lunch. Bumble Bee Sensations Seasoned Tuna with crackers is a convenient way to enjoy premium tuna in five delicious flavors.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve 3.6oz seasoned tuna snack kits
  • Convenient on-the-go snack
  • Seasoned with Thai chilies
  • 6 crackers included

Top reviews

Delicious..price is too high

These tuna kits are perfect to bring to work for lunch or to just keep around for an emergency snack. You will WANT to eat them, they are so good. The spice is noticeable but not burning, a perfect amount of kick for me. When you open the can I recommend taking the pepper sitting on top and grabbing it on the pointy end and squeeze it so that the insides squirt out into the tuna, then toss the pepper skin.

The only problem is that the kit is overpriced on amazon right now.. They go for $1.51 at target right now. I want to buy bulk, but there needs to be a discount over the grocery store!

KasieHannastown, PA

Excellent for a snack or light lunch

Can’t really improve upon the prior reviews, but I’d buy it elsewhere other than through Amazon. The Winn-Dixie and Wal-Mart in my town normally carry it at between $1.45 to $1.50 per kit. Thought it be cheaper buying in bulk through Amazon but no such luck.
EvelineBurkburnett, TX

Deliciously Tasty

I love this tuna. It’s unlike any other tuna I’ve tasted. I usually don’t like canned tuna, but this is an exception. I eat it for lunch right out of the can. It needs nothing else (no salt, pepper, mayonnaise) and doesn’t have that canned tuna taste like others do! Makes a great snack, too. I like spicy, and the Thai Chili tuna is spicy with a slight sweet flavor. It’s my favorite. Lots of flavor! Makes a wonderful light lunch with some zest.
BurmaEldred, PA

now you’re talking

This is the kind of creative food that keeps the Bumble Bee products at the top of our list. When we head out fishing, we grab one of their wide range of products. We would grab this particular one every time if we didn’t know we would get tired of eating the same thing every time. I do take two of these at a time, because the first one leaves me wanting a little more–but that’s probably more of a reflection on the quality of the product than the portion.
JinnySpringtown, TX

Oh Bumblebee, I WEEP with gratitude.

Forgive me for being overly dramatic, but I consider my quest for palatable, convenient lunch options as seriously as some people treat their personal finances, or stock portfolios. With my daily 3 hour commute, I have leisurely breakfasts and dinners only on weekends. Lunch is the only meal I may actually be *sitting down* to eat so I [expletive deleted] refuse to settle for something tasteless. I do not have a sweet tooth, and that eliminates half the things I can grab from a vending machine. Carbs put me in food coma, and so that eliminates the other half. I do not have the discretionary income to eat fig and duck confit sandwiches from the fancy cafe next door to work, and that leaves me with having to quest for lunch options I can store in my office cupboard and prepare with the least hassle. Some of my finds have been decent, some have made me cry at how desperate I had become to be eating something that tastes like the aftermath of drunk moose. But this…this was tasty. Genuinely tasty.

Ever since I got it out of “I wonder what this tastes like” curiosity at Target ages ago, it was love at first bite. This product smells strongly and cubicle dwellers may wish to note that but the kit is easy to store, the can is easy to open and if you have a napkin, you are all set. The tuna tastes amazing. Even if you are not fond of the fish in its other “tuna kit” or “chicken of the sea” avatars, the slightly spicy, slightly sweet, zesty flavor of this will appeal to those of you who like more flavor in your food. It is thick, chunky and not watery, so it is not messy to eat, and did I mention it is actually tasty? This may be the only thing of the many things stored in my office cupboard for food emergencies that I actually enjoy eating.

Though sadly, most of my Thai Chili lunch kits get borrowed by colleagues with such astonishing regularity, that I am forced to have this on autoship. MONTHLY!

DerickMadison, MS


Purchase from the commissary! Perfect snack size, the combination of the crackers and tuna make very balance protein to carb ratio and total calories are under my 250 calorie per meal (eat small meals every 3 hours). Taste is spicey and yummy without a “sauce”. I tried a different BRAND and it had a sauce in the tuna,yuck. Not this! I also used this to make tuna cakes and did not have to add ANY seasoning! They were such a hit I had to go buy a case from the commissary to share with the ladies group!! Hoping Amazon will get it so that I can order it as an automatic subscription. Even my hubbie that is not a seafood person, loves it.
MarcosHillside, IL

Amazon does it again

Bumble Bee made it taste good. Amazon the cost really great. As the price of EVERYthing goes up Amazon manages to keep offering up great deals on great tasting foods. And I dont miss having to deal with traffic,crowds and long lines at the store.
MitchellHonolulu, HI


Love this healthy snack. The tuna has just the right amount of spice and the whole chili is a nice bonus.
TessieMagnolia, IL

Great stuff!

I love this stuff for a quick lunch, especially handy to keep in the car. I recently bought a case through Amazon, but just found it at my local Aldi’s store today for only $1.19 a pack!
GriceldaRoberts, MT

i like it

this tuna is soo good if you want a change try this tuna and it’s not too spicy. I wish it came with more crackers other than that this is a must have product in my pantry.
TraciCasper, WY

Really, REALLY good!!

I love these. I break them out when I am too busy to fix a meal, when I want a snack, or even sometimes when someone drops by and I am randomly pulling things from the pantry. I usually serve the tuna with crisp rye or wheat crackers, just because I prefer them. However, the crackers that come with the package are also delicious, and I do use them, too. It seems like every time I put them out with snacks for guests, someone wants to know where they can be purchased. They are so flavorful. LOVE these!
EnriqueDaisy, MO

Delicious Tuna

I first tasted spicy canned tuna when a friend brought some back from Korea and I just had to have more. I was happy to come across this Bumblebee brand Spicy Thai Tuna and it was so good that I now buy it by the case. The price on Amazon is nearly the same as our local grocery but it’s so much more convenient to buy from Amazon.
EarliePowderville, MT

Delightfuly spicy and good tasting, 3 ounce tuna can in each packet, 130 calories tuna, 80 crackers

I really like tuna, but it can get boring. Not with the Thai Chili from Bumble Bee. It has a nice spice kick, and I can go spicer than most people I know, with even a little afterburn (not unpleasant to me at all). There are even one or two of the chilis that are pictured whole in each can.

The crackers are just so-so and tend to crumble a little before you take them out. And they are not very good quality crackers. I personally can’t have just this for lunch all the time. But you don’t need much more: an apple, piece of cheese and you do have, for me, a full lunch. But you are also getting your calories worth. For 210 calories pretty darn filling.

So crackers not great. But the tuna certaintly is. Tasty and light tuna is a good source of protein, selenium,vitamin B-12, niacin and iron. Also less mercury than albacore, but albacore does have more Omega-3s. For the price, taste, good use of calories: overall highly recommended.

GingerGrace City, ND

Like spicy Thai food? Then YES!

This is a tasty meal or treat and it comes with a little spatula to spread tuna on crackers. My can had a whole red hot chili in it, but it was yummy and not too hot (well not for me, my family comes from the South and hot sauce is practically put into baby bottles!) I tried the tomato basil, which is okay, but not as flavorful. Got these for a snack bin in the living room that has healthy alternatives to chips and cookies. the total calories only comes to 200, which is a great small meal to cut hunger and get in some protein, if you don’t eat the crackers than it’s only 110 calories! Save the crackers for soup some other day! This will become a regular for me in the future—it’s a great late evening snack!
AlenaChapman, KS

A travel staple

I travel in remote areas for work and my gear gets thrown around a lot. I appreciate the box that the tuna kit comes in because the crackers are always whole, no matter what has happened. I buy this tuna kit instead of other ones because it has the simplest ingredients: no corn syrup, no artificial weirdness, no modified anything. The very small can is a good serving size for me. The spice is pretty intense and I know many people who would not like it, but it is fine for me. I usually mix in crushed kale chips to add a vegetable to my meal. I often save the enclosed mini-spreaders and have started to save the plastic boxes to make other meal kits, so in a way, it is possible to reduce the amount of packaging wasted by this product. This is one of my travel staples and I always have some on hand. I’m not giving it five stars only because there are tuna products out there (such as bonito del norte) that have far superior flavor and are the only ones that I give five stars.
JaThomaston, TX

I crave these constantly.

I’ve been buying stuff off of amazon for years now and have not once written a review. These things are SOO good. Doesn’t even seem like you’re eating tuna. Please everyone try them. For a while I was worried they they wouldn’t get enough sales and would be discontinued. I’m very scared of that. Just so good.

One problem. Only recently they’ve switched the crackers in the container from Ritz quality to some off brand one that is a bit more airy. I want them to switch back.

ShantaeKensington, OH

Bumble Bee Thai Chili Tuna Kit

This is my favorite of three flavors offered. Great snack in between meals. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone.
OtisBangor, MI

Not your ordinary tuna

Well, I really like this stuff – it’s got a Thai zing to it that I really like. Portable – great for keeping at work when I’ve forgotten my lunch – just enough to be satisfying. Can’t say much wrong about it!
OraHartwood, VA

Awesome Tuna and Crackers!

I LOVE the Thai Chili tuna kits! The tuna is spicey and the crackers are a tiny bit sweet, and the combination is divine.
OscarBokoshe, OK

great small lunch

I like these for a small lunch, with a little tastey kick to it, not hot but a little spicey. The crackers and the very little plastic spoon to get the tuna onto crackers make this a grab and go lunch for me. While I call this lunch, my son barely calls it a snack. I do have a hard time opening the tuna because the can is small, which makes it hard for me to get a good grip. But I will be getting more becaue I like the unique taste of this tuna.
VictorLitchville, ND