Bush’s Best Baked Beans, Maple Cured Bacon, 28 oz

Since 1908. Bush’s® Best Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans. Specially cured bacon & a touch of maple syrup. 98% fat free. High in fiber. See nutrition information for sodium content. 28 oz (1 lb 12 oz) 794g.

Quick facts

  • 98% fat free
  • High in fiber

Top reviews

Good beans

If you like the sweetness of southern-style baked beans you can’t go wrong with Bush’s. Bush takes the old style pork and beans dish and ups the ante by bringing in choice spices and a dash of brown sugar to make a bean that ANYONE would be happy to drag a hotdog through. My choice is to heat up a can of these beans while grilling burgers and dogs and mix in a dollop of yellow mustard into the beans or sometimes, when I’m feeling especially wild and crazy, add some chopped onion to the mix as well. Man you’d better chain me down on those afternoons, cause I’m living life on the edge on those days, let the law be damned on those crazy afternoons cause I’m out of control!
ClemenciaTalbotton, GA


I must have confused this listing with another. It is a single can — yes — a $9 can of baked beans. I thought it was a 3 pack.
GwynMoscow, TX

Nicely flavored baked beans

Bush’s Baked Beans is a standard adjunct to my grilling efforts for meals. The basic baked beans go nicely with grilled food. Even tastier, though, is this variation on the baked bean theme–maple cured bacon baked beans. The maple and bacon flavors add a delicious edge to the flavor.

Better yet, the beans are high in fiber and low in fat (even with bacon flavoring). The one downside–a high level of sodium.

Still and all, I will continue to use this as a nice side dish when I grill foods.

NormaSpencerport, NY

Absolutely disgusting…in every way.

I love Bush’s regular and Grillin’ beans, but this stuff is absolutely horrid. Imagine taking the most absolutely cheap roadside diner artificial maple syrup and mixing in overcooked beans and sugar. This stuff was absolutely disgusting. I actually had to walk to the trash can and spit it out. It was not a pleasant site. How people can eat this kind of crap bewilders me. Its so sickening and cloyingly sweet as to be gross beyond belief. And we wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in this country?
FreddieLimestone, NY