Butter-Nut Instant Hot Cocoa Mix, 1-Ounce Single Serve Packets

Butter-nut hot cocoa and supreme gourmet hot chocolate. Premium quality Butternut brand, our most popular single serving hot cocoa. Available in individual and case quantities Butternut Instant Hot Cocoa Mix, 50 count box. Convenient packets make one rich and creamy hot chocolate drink. Simply mix with hot water for a delicious hot cocoa drink.

Quick facts

  • Six cartons, each carton contains 50 (1-ounce) envelopes

Top reviews

Best cocoa ever!

No offense to the Swiss Miss, but this is the best cocoa ever. It’s rich, chocolatey and so creamy, you’d think it was mixed with milk. If you’ve ever been to Waffle House and had an awesome cup of cocoa, you can bet it was Butternut. I see it’s out of stock right now, but you can get it at Randall’s grocery store and online through places that provide beverages to businesses (coffee icon, coffee wholesale USA, etc).
MargCornersville, TN

Best ever hot chocolate!

I grew up in Houston with Butternut and have never found a better instant mix. It is rich and flavorful, not watery like most. Just wish they made a dark chocolate cocoa mix…
NataliaForest Dale, VT