Byzantine Fresh Pitted Olive Antipasto, 5-Pound Bag

Byzantine Antipasto Olive Mix is a mix of four Greek olive varietals (Kalamata, Ionian Green, Amfissa and Atalanti) which are naturally cured in sea salt, then rinsed to a low salinity. Spanish caperberries, marinated garlic, sweet red peppers and rosemary are added. Greek extra virgin olive oil and grape must complete the marinade

Quick facts

  • Net weight 80-ounce bag
  • Mixture of various ingredients and spices
  • Vegan; Vegetarian; GMO free; Trans Fat free
  • Taste of Mediterranean olives
  • Source Atlantique, Inc. is the largest independent importer and master distributor of specialty foods. We specialize in gourmet and natural foods.

Top reviews

what are those round things with stems?

olives would be good plain but the flavor is not very olive like with these spices and what are those miniature cucumber looking things with 2 inch stems?
MariselaBelle Mead, NJ

great one-stop shop olive mix

this a great product because you can have all your olives, caper berries,and red peppers all in one location. wonderful flavor and beautiful display.
MandyAvinger, TX

Tasty , but salty … and seem not to last

This is a very nice mix of olives, relatively tasty. But, darn, are they salty! I really didn’t expect so much salt for olives packed in oil, and I completely disagree with previous posters.

I would not have purchased if I had tasted them first.

Also, I’ve had them about three days — in frig, sealed, per package instructions. And, I don’t think they are going to last. I am already seeing white form on some olives. Yuck. Look to other posts mentioning a similar problem. To Amazon’s credit, the refunded the purchase price.

MerylBlair, SC

5 lbs of olives with no brine or storage

OK, the description is accurate but I expected some brine. The olives (and other ingredients) are shipped without any brine which makes long-term storage a challenge. I had to make my own brine since if you leave the olives without any brine they get even mushier and spoil. I re-packaged them in a plastic container and made a brine of sea salt and water (which is a standard olive brine) and they are storing well after 6 months. Yes, I made them even saltier but at least they will last indefinately this way. Make sure to use enough sea salt or they will spoil. These olives are mushy and don’t compare to quality store brands like California Olive Company.
MaudColfax, IN

if you love olives

exceeded my expectations ! Very tasty and not too salty. We have enjoyed them by themselves but are great on a salad.
AngeleRuso, ND


I love to buy these olives. I just break down the bag into about 3 zipper bags and just pull out what I need. I always have some on hand for an impromptu snack or to throw into a meal.
TrudiSaluda, SC

awesome, absolutely AWESOME!

We were preparing a dinner for 160 people of mixed faiths in our community (Jews, Muslims and Christians) and went with what we considered an appropriate Mediterranean theme common to all 3. As a treat to add zest to an otherwise very low cost collection of foods on the buffet, we splurged and bought 2 bags of these olives, hoping that we’d interpreted the reviews correctly. To our delight, the olives were extraordinary. We couldn’t believe our good fortune.

However, we had had no idea how much 5 lbs would be in terms of volume. To our chagrin, there were clearly not enough olives for generous servings for 160 people, even with two bags. So… we extended them, by adding in an equal amount of a carefully drained mix of ordinary green and pitted black olives from the grocery store, stirring thoroughly and refrigerating it all for 24 hours, so that the heady aromas from these antipasto delights would spread to the more plebian ingredients we had added. Guess what? It worked! So… for any of you who love these olives but can’t afford them often enough to suit you — try extending them the same way. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

For those of you who aren’t worried by the price, forget about extending them, but don’t miss these spectacular olives — they’re truly fabulous. We didn’t have much in the way of leftovers, but we were able to take home a cup or so after the event and have been rationing them for ourselves. They’re that good! We will buy more for ourselves sometime and divide them into small packages for long term storage, just as many reviewers have suggested.

P.S. From this experience, we’ve concluded that 5 lbs. equals 40 generous servings, so, if money hadn’t been an object, we’d have needed 4 bags for 160 people. That makes it just a hair over $1 a serving, which we consider an extraordinarily good value, given how fabulous these olives really are.

JulietteSedona, AZ

The hit of the party

and I would purchase these olives again.
A good value compared to “Olive Bar” prices and just as good
if not better.
AlaineFreedom, CA

Olives to the Max!

These are delicious mixed olives that also contain caper berries, little peppers and garlic. Wonderful flavor; not spicy. They are wonderful for salads, antipasto platters or just to eat right out of the bag. Only ‘problem’ is a five pound bag which has to be opened and then the olives transferred to a more suitable container for storing in the fridge. Just a minor inconvenience!
BerryOrofino, ID

Very Good!

These olives are very good. I had thought about ordering them for awhile now and I am glad I did. The herbs are not overpowering. Great for snacking, or with a meal. When they came, I had them for lunch with sliced tomato, tuna in olive oil, with a soft boiled egg. Perfect summer lunch.
ChaeDewittville, NY

If you like olives you will love these

Olives in a jar are hard to find if you want an olive antipasto. at the deli you wind up paying $3 for a small plastic tub. these are grea and very reasonably priced. you do need a large plastic tub or 10 small plastic storage tubs to keep them in. they take up room but they also go very fast
PatsyWeedville, PA

The olive mixture is just right

Yes, these olives remind me of my vacation to Europe. They know how to live and eat. Item came in strong plastic bag. Helpful hint ‘ you might want to save two large used glass jars before they arrive, so you can put olives in them. Remember to add a little more water to top them off. The olive mixture is just right. (Not salty). All I can say is enjoy.
TamikaBlytheville, AR

Amazing Olives

As an Italian I am used to eating very good olives. They are very expensive in my local store and I needed a large quantity. I ordered these fresh pitted 5 lb olive bag.
These olives are amazing…not just good…amazing! Taste is perfect and they were packed and shipped nicely.
I would recommend this product to all olive lovers!!!
LaureenLaurel Bloomery, TN

ANOTHER Happy and Delicious Delivery ! 🙂

Looking forward to another order soon.

Byzantine Pitted Antipasto Olives, 5-Pound Bag

JalisaPineville, LA

NO! Very Poor Quality

Ordered these as a plan for a party. They were awful and un-edible. Enouh rosemary in the bag to actually discolor the olives completely.
FreddieMcminnville, OR


Great olives. When you get them some will be smashed up a bit, but it doesn’t really affect the flavor any.
MelyndaWilliford, AR