C & S Products Nutty Treat, 12-Piece

Suet – Nutty Treat (12 units) Attracts more birds and gives the wild bird feeding enthusiast peace of mind knowing they are now giving their wild bird friends the very best

Quick facts

  • Treats and Delights are also nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed energy
  • Attracts a wider variety of birds due to the quality of ingredients and is a great value for today’s wild bird feeding customer
  • Wild bird acceptance is overwhelming and confirmed by independent research

Top reviews

C and S great suet and great to see it on Amazon

Nothing new C and S has been a great company for bird food for years but until recently the companies selling on Amazon had been selling at nearly $5.00 per piece now with Amazon selling directly the pricing is much more inline with normal and I don’t have to lug it out of the store. The Nutty Treat has always been a good one to use for us year around since it won’t melt and has fairly strong levels of crude protein and fat for winter.

Great to see on Amazon.com directly.

MohamedVenice, IL