Cackalacky Spice Sauce

YOU GET 4 CUTE MINIATURE BOTTLES OF CACKALACKY SAUCE! GREAT FOR GIFTS AND TO CARRY WITH YOU IN YOUR POCKET OR PURSE! CACKALACKY IS AMERICA’S BEST ZEST! This is the famously ORIGINAL Cackalacky Spice Sauce. This uniquely delicious and mouthwatering “All-in-one” DRESSING, DIP and TOPPING tastes great on everything that needs more zest-from your BURGERS, BEANS, and BEYOND! FUN FACT: DID YOU KNOW….? Cackalacky is the nickname for the very birthplace of America’s Classic Condiment Culture. Of course, these days everyone knows that Cackalacky is also the savory name for the ultimate Spice Sauce flavor experience! Funny name. Serious Zest. “Cackalacky…Chapel Hill’s answer to Tabasco” -Bon Appeit Magazine

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So good I only got one taste

I bought a small bottle in Chapel Hill, NC, but didn’t pop it open for a taste until I got to VA. Big mistake! It was so good and it was too late to backtrack. Then my 3 young men got hold of it. All gone.
It’s hard to believe how flavorful this sauce is. The sweet potatoes and peppers give it a rich potency that is worthy of a thousand recipes. I love hot sauce, but I would gladly use this in foods for people who don’t share that taste.
Cackalacky is a place where all tongues may come together in mutual celebration.
NicolleIlliopolis, IL

Definitely not the same old sauce

This is not the same old tomato based hot sauce. It is an imaginative take on a spice sauce that works well on just about anything from hamburgers and barbecue to beans and rice. It’s not available at the grocer where I live – but it’s coming soon! So, I have to order it online. The vendor was great. The product was shipped when promised and arrived in an earth-friendly package.

Bottom line: I love this sauce and use it all the time.

NorikoZuni, VA