Cadbury Cherry Ripe Multipack

The ripe juicy cherries and moist coconut smothered in rich Old Gold® dark chocolate ensures a unique taste experience. As Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe offers an indulgent and rich treat. Each package comes with 12 travel size bars.

Quick facts

  • Made in Australia
  • 12 Travel Size Bars
  • Old Gold Dark Chocolate
  • Imported by Australian Products Company

Top reviews

Delicious! And better value than the six-pack of full sized bars

For those of you not familiar with the cherry ripe, the filling is a dried and slightly candied mince of cherries and coconut. This is coated with a thin outer layer of dark chocolate. They are extremely popular in Australia, where I live, and are in fact one of the classic candy bars we all grew up with. These things are delicious, so if they don’t sell them where you are and you have a yen to try another culture’s junk food, let me say cherry ripes are a pretty good choice.

Unusually, on a per gram basis I’m pretty sure this bag of “fun sized” bars offers better value than the only other way I can see of buying cherry ripes on amazon – the six pack of full sized bars. That works out at over $3.32 a bar. But hey, amazon’s prices do fluctuate considerably over time, so it might be worth your while to check my figures. They may well be out of date by the time you’re reading this.


IsaiahBoaz, KY

Awesome at a price

I was lucky enough to travel to Oz last November and filled half a suitcase with Aussie junk food (not the best thing for a diabetic, but you only live once!).

Anyway, Cherry Ripe(s) are incredible, with a cherry taste and a texture similar to a Mounds bar. Of course, we don’t get these in the States. Why? Who knows? I couldn’t find any Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet A&W Root Beer to save my life over there, so it may be a cultural thing.

The price seems pretty steep for a candy bar, so you might see if you have any candy specialty shops (even ones that are labeled as being British) where you live before ordering. I know I could find ‘American’ candy over there, but you pay a hefty price for it.

BrentonBoulder, CO

Ripe as a Cherry

The Cherry Ripes arrived in perfect condition, very fresh and at rapid speed.
Couldn’t ask for anything more!
JaymieMiddleburg, OH