Cadbury Curly Wurly British Chocolate Bar 26g x 12

Cadbury’s Curly Wurly – Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Strip Imported from England

Quick facts

  • MADE IN United Kingdom
  • 26G EACH BAR
  • milk chocolate

Top reviews

Almost as good as my memories

I purchased the Cadbury Curly Wurly 1oz (which from a hair point of view has icky connotations) because the author of a candy nostalgia slideshow claimed they were like my much beloved, horribly missed Marathon bars. Now, what they lack in texture, they almost make up for in quality. This is nice Cadbury milk-chocolate and caramel, not the brittle, purposely soured milk of M&M/Mars (if you didn’t know why you keep eating M&M’s, it’s because the slightly soured milk in the milk chocolate leaves an aftertaste that you try to cover with . . . more candy. Genius! Evil, but genius.). However, the original Marathon bar was a much thinner braid with no lumpy parts, and it could really get some stretch on it if you wanted to. If I had a real Marathon bar and a Curly Wurly side-by-side in the present and had to choose, it might go to Curly Wurly, but memory is a powerful thing and the Marathon bar is right up there with McDonald’s deep fried cherry pies, FallsBrand hotdogs with warmed mustard relish, and Sunkist Natural soda–magic foods of the past that become even more powerful as legends. I’ve been off soda for 1.5 years, but will gladly go back on if there is a Sunkist Natural substitute.
WalkerShiloh, OH

very much like the Marathon bar

Very good chocolate and caramel. Loved the Marathon bar and love this one, very similar.
DeneseBluewater, NM

Marathon bar – we’ve missed you!

For those of us old enough to remember the Marathon bar, here it is. Thank you Cadbury and thank you Amazon!
FlorPrairie City, IL

cadbury curly wurly candy bar

I ordered this because I was a big fan of the marathon candy bar… this was almost like it just seemed a little smaller, but I’m much older now. Was good and came in great shape. Thanks
QuyenSieper, LA

Great Chewy Toffee covered with Milk Chocolate.

These are so nice. Made by Cadburys they are a really chewy toffee twig like chocolate covered candy bar. One of Cadbury’s most popular items with children. They have a unique shape and a fantastic taste and one will never be enough.
AlmetaCookstown, NJ


Candy was great. Packaging was amazing to keep the candy from melting. Will buy more when these run out.
SharynHigh Shoals, GA

Marathon Bar Reborn

If you remember munching on a Marathon Bar when you were a kid, this Curly Wurly Bar from Cadbury is for you. Tastes and looks almost exactly like the old Marathon Bar. If you loved the Marathon Bar you have got to give this one a try!
ShielaPalm Springs, CA