Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar Filled With Roasted Almond – 3.5 Oz/ Bar, 14 ea

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar Filled With Roasted Almond.

Quick facts

  • Smooth, creamy goodness of Cadbury milk chocolate with the satisfying crunch of roasted almonds.
  • 3.5-oz bar is big enough to share with friends.
  • Velvety smooth milk chocolate with roasted almonds.
  • 22% cacao
  • Includes 1 Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond Milk Chocolate Bar (3.50-Ounce)

Top reviews


Cadbury’s is by far my favorite brand of chocolate. I’ve tried all different types of chocolate from organic stuff, to imported stuff, to exotic stuff, to domestic brands to the very expensive stuff so it’s funny that it’s the proletariat everyman’s Cadburys, which is in my humble opinion the best tasting.

It is not widely known, but Cadburys did not used to be available in the US. We had Hersheys and England had Cadburys, but fortunately Hersheys brought Cadburys over here, and I’m glad they did, because Cadburys chocolate is better than Hersheys. I think Cadburys is sweeter and smoother. But I think Hersheys changed the formula a little because I had a friend mail me a bar of Cadburys from England, and their Cadburys is a little less sweet and darker.

Cadburys with almond is one of their 3 regular offerings. The other two are Milk Chocolate and Fruit and Nut. Fruit and Nut is my favorite and Almond is next. I like the Almond bar because the nuts are crunchy; I have yet to eat a bar with spoiled nuts (which you sometimes do if you eat chocolate with peanuts) With the crunch you not only get gustatory pleasure but you get a textural pleasure from the mixture of something crunchy as well as something soft in your mouth. I have to admit that Cadbury’s, which is tailored to the American sweet tooth is a mite too sweet and it isn’t dark chocolate, which is “good” for your health. But who wants to live forever anyway? Chocolate is for pleasure, it’s a hedonistic pleasure, if you’re into health you should be eating sprouts and doing yoga, not eating this.

But taste is in the end subjective, all I can do is to ask you to try it. For me, Cadburys is the best.

SandyMount Olivet, KY

Cadbury MY Favorite chocolate bar

These are the best chocolate bars by far. My soster turned me on to these. I especially like the roasted almond bars!! I make sure to always have a bar on hand at ALL TIMES in my hoiuse!
MorrisHolcomb, IL