Cadet 2-Pound Sweet Potato Chicken Wraps Dog Chew

Cadet 2LB Sweeet Potato Chicken Wraps are sweet potato fries wrapped with chicken strips. This real meat gourmet dog treat will make your pooch bark for more! Contains no preservatives, hormones, or additives. 100% All Natural.

Quick facts

  • Premium Quality
  • 100% All Natural Sweet Potato
  • Great Source of Nutrients

Top reviews

My dogs LOVE these!!

I purchased a small package of these treats at Wegman’s a few weeks ago. I never expected the reaction I got from my dogs. They LOVED them. Thinking it was the chicken jerky they were doing back flips over, I bought a large package of Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky. They, of course, are excited about those treats, but it’s not even close to the excitement they show over these. Glad to find them in a larger package, and free shipping is always a plus. Thanks again, Amazon!
MaishaKewaunee, WI

Dogs love these!

I came across these treats at a local pet supply store. Amazon has a better price 🙂
My dogs go WILD when they see me open the bag! When a new shipment from Amazon comes, and this is in the box, I can’t trust them around the Amazon box. They can smell it. Both of my dogs are about 45 lbs, and this is a great snack after work and before feeding. They are really chewy, so it keeps them occupied for a bit.
WillieOrgan, NM

Not a sweet treat for 7# dog.

Our dog, 3 years old, loves sweet potato wraps. She loves the white meat wrapped ones and

these are not that quality. These have dark meat dried so hard that the meat shatters and

the sweet potatoe is so dry I have trouble trying to cut them…guess this is why our

small dog cannot get them chewed. Medium to large dogs probably could handle these.

MigdaliaCascade, CO

sweet potato treats

great service, fast delivery
the cadet sweet potato treats are a favorite of our doggies
will purchase again from amazon
DelmarCharlotteville, NY


Fooled again! Thought this product was made in the US. IT IS MADE IN CHINA!!!! I will never feed my dogs something from China! Buyer Beware.
DennyBridgeport, OR

great product

looks to be a good quality product. the packaging is very good. i can see that there is plenty of chicken wrapped around the individual sweet potato sticks. mine said freshness date march 24 2013. the sweet potato looks very fresh and brightly colored. i can see the quality of the product from the front of the package. it looks very nice to me. ingredients: sweet potato, chicken, vegetable glycerin, soy protein isolate, salt. the package also says “inspected and independently tested”. to me that is very important.
ThiPleasant View, TN

High quality, great value!

My little dogs go CRAZY for these treats! The two pound bag was only FOUR DOLLARS more than the one pound! Great value. I cut the treats in half for my little five pound babies so that they can each have three treats a day. This bag lasted six weeks, I will continue buying!
StacieTalco, TX

Dog Treats

These sweet potato /chicken treats are one of my dogs favorite morning snacks. I can no longer get them at my local member warehouse store so Amazon saves the day again. Although she’s a little spoiled, it never hurts to feed her the best.
FlorenciaElmhurst, IL

Oklahoma Scottish Terriers comments

My Scottish Terriers, (3) of them, love these and have been eating these for over a year now.. These treats are healthy, and are always fresh.. Thanks, highly recommend to all.. those dog lovers out there.. Brenda in Okla…
CeciliaBeaver City, NE

every dog loves

my dog loved them and 2 pounds will last awhile i always take thm when i visit my family with dogs too never found a dog yet that doesnt like my neighbors cat ate one lol great buy
ByronWillow Creek, MT

The Dogs Say YUMMY (aka: WOOF WOOF)

I do have 7 dogs so buy in bulk since handing out treats to so many I like to give them the same treats. But some of my 7 dogs (kids) are older and have tooth issues and can’t chew on the harder treats such as the Chicken Tenders, which aren’t tender but yummy to chew on. So for the soft pallets and hurting teeth this treat is soft enough for them to enjoy. This is my GO-TO treat which ensures all my kids have a good healthy treat! WOOF WOOF – YES!
SarinaLittleton, NH

Don’t buy

The meat is really dry and the whole treat is too hard. It’s also made in China so I won’t be feeding it to my dog. Wish I had known it was made in China because I would not have bought it.
ChasEgnar, CO

great dog treats

My little dog absolutely adores these treats. The sweet potato is very good for her, and she’d like to have them as her only food if I’d let her. My only concern is that they are made in China, though Cadet insists they are tested regularly and are excellent.
TylerGrandville, MI

Very good service

Very good service & as for the product, well it goes with out saying my kids love it. One of the best things is its low fat (3%) content. I have three & they would eat a 2 lb. bag a day if they could get it.
I would recommend it to my friends.
Cadet 2lb Sweet Potato Chicken Wraps #1417
MargretWinchester, OH