Cafe 1820 – Costa Rican Ground Coffee – 250grams

Café 1820 is a staple of Costa Rican households and eating establishments. This coffee made its debut in 1820 as a result of the effort of dedicated citizens determined to play their part in their country’s dream to provide premium coffee to the world. 100% Arabica, Café 1820 is a true coffee drinker’s delight. Cafe 1820 is a premium coffee from Costa Rica!

Quick facts

  • A true coffee drinker’s delight
  • 100% Arabica
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Premium coffee from Costa Rica!

Top reviews

Good coffee

I am a Costa Rican and I drink coffee everyday(1 or 2 cups) I find this brand of coffee to be both flavorful and not too expensive. Good for a coffeemaker or the old net filtering thing.
SalomeNorth Adams, MI

Favorite Coffee

We love Cafe 1820 and used to get it from flight attendant friends of ours when they would fly to Costa Rica. Apparently this is a very popular coffee with International travelers from the US and can be found very inexpensively in certain grocery stores in Costa Rica. Unfortunately it’s not sold here, and when we moved away from our friends, our sources dried up – until we found it on! The price is a lot higher than what we used to pay, but it’s worth it. I stocked up with my first order, which helped to offset the shipping cost, so it wasn’t so bad. We like this much better than Starbucks, Seattles Best, or Duncan Donuts coffee. It’s very rich and smooth, and the aroma is outstanding. After I ordered, Amazon sent me an e-mail offering an automatic replenishment program where they’ll ship you a certain number of bags each month. I may sign up when we get low on coffee again. I highly recommend Cafe 1820 and I’m a coffee addict!
RoryColmesneil, TX