Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha – 16 ct

Package of 16 / Perfect balance of taste and aroma / Delicious coffee shares top billing with rich, creamy chocolate

Quick facts

  • No mess design protects from air, light and moisture
  • Each K-Cup brews perfect individual servings

Top reviews

disappointed and overprices

I have been so anxious to try other flavors for my Keurig coffee maker. I want to find something like a cappucino. I bought the Cafe Mocha Cafe Escapes and it tastes just like the hot chocolate and with shipping it was almost $20.00. I was very disappointed.
LisePalms, MI

Good Coffee (Chocolate flavor)

This isn’t hot chocolate, it is Mocha Flavored Coffee. It was exactly what we were looking for and we have enjoyed it very much.
IngaWoodruff, AZ

Caveat Emptor…

I was hoping for a creamy, mocha-type drink that tasted more like mocha than coffee or hot chocolate. What I didn’t expect was a cup of chemical soup! This has the worst aftertaste you can imagine. It’s like drinking a cup of watery saccharin. I would definitely not order this again, and in fact will have to just write the expenditure off to experience when I dump the remaining 15 k-cups in the bin. Hate to be so harsh, but this stuff is nasty!
MeridithScioto Mills, IL

More on the hot chocolate side

The cafe mocha taste good but is a little week on the actual coffee part. It pretty much tastes like hot chocolate with a splash of coffee flavoring. Prefer to have an espresso taste with chocolate flavoring. Ended up brewing an espresso blend
k-cup and then mixing it with a brewed cafe mocha. Made a big cup of coffee that was great for sharing. Tasted more like a mocha you’d get from a coffee shop.
DerickGold Bar, WA

It’s okay…

I think my expectations were running a lot higher when I ordered. The flavor is almost there. It falls short on being a great mocha flavor
JoeKing, WI

It is alright, depends on your taste

I am not a huge coffee drinker but I need some caffeine every once and a while. This is alright. It does taste like hot chocolate but on the largest cup setting it tastes like chocolate water. The middle setting is alright but I feel it tastes the best on the smallest cup size. Sometime I will mix 2 of the small cups together to get a decent size drink. I am a fan of the Cafe Escapes line as they taste very good and don’t make a mess while making. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a small drink!
RosannaNags Head, NC

Just Like Starb***s!

I LOVE this! It’s a wonderful drink for after dinner if you want a coffee with some sweetness. The sweet is not overpowering, it is very similar to Starbucks’ Cafe Mocha. Add some Reddi-Whip and you have your own Mocha made at home!
EvelynEmington, IL


Again, I purchased this primarily for use by my young-adult son. He likes it. I, however, prefer real brewed coffee and then mix in my own chocolate and cream. But, good for something quick while running out the door – and it doesn’t cost $4!
TyeshaBunkie, LA


If you love you Keurig, you will love this coffee. It is a perfect mix of coffee and chocolate!! Received the order fast and have been enjoying on these cool fall mornings and evenings. A MUST TRY!!
SheaLaurel, DE