Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa ~ 16 K-Cups

An elegant and satisfying dark chocolate experience, with rich European sophistication.

Quick facts

  • 16 K-Cups per packNo filters or loose coffee – no mess Flavor: Dark Chocolate

Top reviews


This Hot cocoa is the nastiest tasting instant cocoa I’ve ever had. I know it’s not going to taste like the real thing, but after just three cups I can’t bring myself to finishing the box. I think I’ll just throw them out. Our k-cup machine is about a month old and the coffee flavors we’ve tried are all fine so we wanted to try the cocoa. The first try was very watery so I thought the cup size needs to be reduced. This results in just a sweeter cup of hot water. Stick with coffee.
JuliAuto, WV

Nasty watery drink

Just got a new keurig and immediately went on a search for
the best dark rich bold coffee (Caribou Mahogany) and other brands
with rich taste (Wolfgang is winning so far) but really wanted to find
the best hot cocoas and got these first…now trying to give them away.
The are even worse than the packaged kind you get in the stores. Actually,
I think I’ve found better instant ones. I hate to write a bad review but..if
you want to find a DELICIOUS cocoa mix in the K-cups…get the Grove (Station) brand
here on Amazon. They are always sold out (which DUH I know why now as they are a far better
tasting brand) but if
you put your email on a wait list, they’ll let you know when they come in and
you dont have to wait very long. I’d stock up though, as you’ll find you want a cup
or two every night! (and the dark, milk and peppermint combined box is the bomb!!)I just
sent a couple boxes out to a friend of mine who was complaining about how bad the k cup hot
chocolates were….she’ll be thrilled to get my care package!!
TishaLas Animas, CO

YUCK! -all sucralose flavor, no chocolate

Gross! I tried these thinking they would at least taste like the regular powdered mixes. The flavor is all fake sweetener (odd since sucralose is the last ingredient) and no dark chocolate. I am bummed because now I have a box of these cups and don’t want to drink them.
LuciePort Hueneme, CA


My husband and I are not coffee drinkers, but we love hot chocolate. We hated the time it took to heat up the water,and the mess the dry mix sometimes makes. We saw that the Keurig coffee maker did other things like hot chocolate and tea, liked that it was almost instant hot water, and bought one. I ordered another brand of hot chocolate k-cup, and absolutely hated it. It had a weird almost metallic taste that was not sweet or chocolately. I was worried I wasted my money on a maker I would never use. I decided to try another brand and purchased the Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Cocoa, and we absolutely love it! It is sweet and chocolately without being too bitter(which is why I originally steered away from the dark chocolate). I fully recommend this product!!
JaneeBird Island, MN

Artificial taste

These cups are artifically sweetened with sucralose – I didn’t realize until I tried one, and ended up with a little bit of a headache, which made me check the ingredient list – it isn’t noted on the front of the box. They definitely have an artificial taste, I would not buy them again.
MelaniaPanama, IL

“Diet” treat

I’m dieting, and I use these as a “treat” to myself, when I’m craving chocolate. I usually brew one of these & one of my coffee K-cups (either plain or hazelnut).

For 60 calories, it’s not a bad way to satisfy a chocolate craving when you’re on a “calorie-budget!”

DominiqueHague, ND

Yummy Dark Chocolate

Even my kids like this. They are always asking for hot cocoa. Its not too sweet and very chocolaty. It is not super high in sugar or calories so its a great little treat. Enjoy!
SusanCabool, MO


These have an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Not pleasant. I would not purchase them again. This the first Kcup hot chocolate I’ve tried, I’ll keep looking.
KoryCentennial, WY

Taste like muddy water maybe because it is out of date!?!

This product tastes like muddy water maybe because it is out of date!?! I don’t know but I’ll not buy this again.
RivkaHooker, OK

Another YUMMY!

Good tasting and the pricing is pretty good. It’s always sold out on, so I come here to make this purchase, I love Dark Chocolate! Reason for 4 stars, the pricing isn’t great but it’s okay.
KrystinCheswold, DE


This is a wonderful Dark Chocolate flavor. Much deeper flavor than the Milk Chocolate. The Milk Chocolate is good but does not have this deep flavor. Will be buying this again.!!!
AngilaFort Mill, SC

Bad reviewers need to stir

The hot chocolate K-Cups don’t work like the coffe K-Cups. The coffee K-Cups have a screen inside the cup to keep the coffee grounds in the K-Cup, it also makes the last drop of liquid to fall into your cup as much coffee as the first drip. These Cafe Escape Hot Cocoa K-Cups don’t have a screen the chocolate powder empties out of the K-Cup as fast as it can, so that the last amount of water to come out of the Keurig is mostly water and it sits on the top of your cup. So STIR it before drinking it, otherwise all you taste is the sweetener. Also these K-Cups are made for 8 oz serving size, so use the appropriate cup size for your taste.
LydaBagley, WI


These were a little disappointing. The hot chocolate is very watery and the flavor is a bit strange…kind of plastic tasting. Haven’t been able to find a good brand of hot chocolate for keurig
TiffinyCripple Creek, VA

Try Grove Square instead

After trying several of these k-cups, we threw the rest of the box away. It only ever created flavorless brown water. We then tried the Grove Square dark chocolate cocoa k-cups, and were much happier.
ElwoodPine Grove, LA

Dark chocolate cocoa

This seems to be the best brand that I have tried. Others have been very weak in flavor, but not htis one. I would truly recommend this for Moms who have small children and need the hot chocolate after playing in the snow. Grab the marshmellows and enjoy! Grammie Smith (6 grandkids)
LeanoraWinslow, AR

Sure puts the chalk in chalkolate

Sure to be a hit with chalk-a-holics everywhere, from first sip to last this product suggests its European heritage deep in the chalk mines of southern France.

Some seem to be making a case for it only having 60 calories, but the Keurig Chai Latte only has 70, and that product actually tastes pretty good.

I have yet to find a Keurig-compatible hot chocolate that stands up to plain old Swiss Miss, scooped from a tub or a foil packet. And Swiss Miss isn’t that great to begin with, although it sure is cheaper than this stuff.

I wonder if the size of the Keurig capsule limits the amount of cocoa and powdered milk that can be put into a cup, so what ends up there has to be strong and highly compromised.

PingSharon, TN

Cafe Escapes Dark Choloate hot cocoa

This product is not sweet enough for me and tastes better with marshmellows already in the cup while brewing. Watery texture was a disappointment.
LeolaFreeland, MD

Absolutely Delicious

This is a much better Hot Chocolate than some of the reviews would have you believe. My wife does NOT drink coffee (calls it “Yuck”) and I am very particular about my coffee, BUT we agree that this is an absolutely delightful hot chocolate. I use a medium cup size setting and it seems to be the best one for this brew. This chocolate comes in as a not so close second to some of the great hot chocolates we have had while traveling Europe, however this did save us airfare. But this is not at all bad for an instant cup of pleasure. Adding marshmallows or topping with whipped cream would take it over the top.

If you are one of the ones who wants to throw yours away, please send my way. I will get rid of them for you. Thanks!)

I got this product directly from Keurig as one of my two free when I registered my new brewer and purchased two. Could not beat that price here, but at normal prices, this is the deal.

From the package: 60 Calories, 2g fat, 11g Carbohydrate, 1g Fiber, 7 G sugar, 1g protein. Ingredients: Sugar, Alkalized Cocoa powder, creamer (and all of those ingredients, etc.

RhettCentralia, IL


This one has a major problem. It’s waaaay too watery, even at the recommended settings. The chocolate flavor is okay, and it’s not overly sweet (although it still isn’t great dark chocolate flavor). The really issue is that there isn’t any creaminess, and adding milk only dilutes the flavor even more. Blech! I’ll pass, and I’m throwing the rest of the box out.
TerryPlainfield, GA