Cafe Rico Ground Coffee 2 Pounds / 2 Bags of 1 Pound Each


Quick facts

  • Ground Coffee
  • Regular Coffee
  • Coffee from Puerto Rico

Top reviews

Best Puerto Rican Coffee

I always bring Cafe Rico with me when I go to Puerto Rico. It is the best of all the Puerto Rican coffees (and there are many) It is not bitter, but it is strong enough.
Full of flavor. I Use my Krups IL Primo every morning and make lattes with this coffee. All my friends that had tried it, love it to.
The best way to make Puerto Rican coffee is to prepare it the right way (espresso) and use boiled or steamed milk, that’ll give you the best Cafe con Leche.
Coffee in Puerto Rico is a lot cheaper than in the USA. There are many brands, must very good. Try some, I heard that even the previous Pope used to drink it.
Cafe Rico is the best by far.
KarlaCapay, CA