Caffe D’Amore Gourmet Cocoa Mix, White Chocolate, 2-Pound Package

In 1895 Italy, crafting our “coffee of love” was a labor of love. Today, we pour an Old World passion for flavor into our Caffe D’ Amore gourmet beverages and top it off with a splash of modern-day simplicity. Indulge yourself or captivate your customers with award-winning, artisan-inspired specialties from decadent sipping chocolate to all-natural iced teas. This item is suitable for use by restaurants, professional chefs or industrial foodservice facilities.

Quick facts

  • White Chocolate flavored gourmet hot cocoa mix
  • Perfect for lovers of fine cocoa and chocolate
  • Combination of European bittersweet dark chocolate and Old World attention to tradition
  • Unusually rich, satisfying choice for lovers of fine cocoa and chocolate
  • This is no ordinary cup of cocoa

Top reviews

Better than Dunkin Donuts!!

I was searching for an at-home alternative to Dunkin Donut’s white hot chocolate and bought other products that just didn’t cut it, this one surpassed it! This stuff is soooo good, I make it with milk (with water wasn’t as tasty) but it is delicious! The bag doesn’t come with a scoop, so I just used a big kitchen spoon (tablespoon) and I used 2 heaping spoonfuls! I have had a cup at least twice a day for about 5 days and I’m not even halfway through the bag. It is an incredible value and is Oh-So-Tasty! If I could give this product more stars I would, and also with the prime shipping it came to my door exactly when expected within 2 days! Awesome!

Two weeks later:
I have to add to this review because although I still love the product, I do not love how they increased the price and made it not prime eligible, this means with shipping I would pay more than double what I did two weeks ago!!

JoleneCrossnore, NC

Same stuff I used to drink from latte stand

This is the same stuff my friends mom used to make her and I at her latte stand like 10 years ago before they had to move.

It’s divine with milk not with water I normally drink soy or almond milk and sometimes skim or 1 percent but for this use 2 percent and it’s heaven.

JamelMahaska, KS

Not really “white chocolate” at all

This product was disappointing. It’s basically regular cocoa mix with a large amount of coffee creamer added (in such that it becomes the primary ingredient). There is no cocoa BUTTER in it, which is the element that makes “white chocolate” what it is. Very deceptive and not like white chocolate mix.

If you like milk chocolate cocoa with lots of coffee creamer, you’ll probably like this product. 🙁

EleonorHooksett, NH

If you don’t like milk or dark chocolate…

this white chocolate mix is for you. I like the idea that by having the mix in bulk,you can use what’s good for your taste. The price was great; I may be ordering this sooner than expected.
DeweyAustin, MN


Sometimes it’s hard to find just that special drink that brings the warm cozy feelings but this item does the trick. Smooth and a great price, easy to make sure all the family gets to share in all those feelings.
BeatriceAllenton, MI