Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Spiced Chai Powder

Caffe D’Vita powders can be served hot, cold or blended. Products are Kosher certified. Units Sold By: 3.5lb Per Bag 5 bags/case

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Never thought I like Cahi tea

I love tea, but never been a fan of Chai tea. Then my sister sent me this brand, and it is delicious! A wonderful rich flavor similar to hot chocolate, but not so sweet. No transfats, no gluten, no hydrogenated oils. 99% caffeine free, so you can enjoy it in the afternoon. I haven’t tried the vanilla or chocolate yet, but am sure going to. Try it by buying the smaller packets, and if you like it, it’s available at Sam’s Club in a big can for a very cost-saving price.
ZoeGrannis, AR