Cafix Coffee Substitute Crystals Jar 7.05 Ounces

Cafix All Natural Instant Beverage Crystals by Cafix 7 oz Jar Cafix All Natural Instant Beverage Crystal Rich all natural and 100 caffeine free drink. Cafix coffee alternative is everything you d like an instant hot caffeine free drink to be. Cafix coffee substitute gets its rich flavor from a healthful blend of all natural ingredients … nothing artificial. Also Cafix coffee substitute is a naturally caffeine free drink so the whole family can enjoy it … anytime Goodies in this item No Cholesterol Low Sodium No Trans Fat

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  • 7.05 Ounces Crystal
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Review of Roastaroma, Cafix, Pero, and Postum

I recently gave up coffee and decided to try three different coffee substitutes: Roastaroma, Cafix, and Pero. Although Cafix tasted the most like real coffee (and it tastes *a lot* like real coffee), and all three products are pretty good, Roastaroma was my favorite.

It is very similar to coffee, but it doesn’t quite have the bitter bite of coffee. Those of you who are looking for that slight bitterness might prefer Cafix. Roastaroma actually reminds me a little bit of Mexican hot chocolate–the cinnamon and carob flavors come through pretty strongly in the drink, giving it a cinnamon-chocolatey flavor. I used to drink coffee to satisfy my sweet tooth on low calories. This drink totally fits the bill for this purpose.

The Pero is pretty good, too. Like Roastaroma, it doesn’t have the bitter coffee taste, but it still makes for a decent imitation of decaf. I like to drink it with cinnamon-flavored powdered creamer. Pero’s a good value, too: it’s strong enough that you don’t need to use very much to flavor your whole drink. I drink the Pero when I’m trying to ration the Roastaroma out to myself so as not to run out.

So Roastaroma has the best flavor, Cafix tastes the most like coffee, and Pero is a good back-up.

A quick note on Postum: I do not care for it. I find that people who like Postum tend to be people who were never coffee drinkers. It tastes nothing like coffee. If you try Postum as a coffee substitute, you will be disappointed.

WinfordLocust Valley, NY

Coffee Alternative

I recently decided to give up coffee, including decaf, for health reasons. I drank coffee all day long, sometimes making a second pot in the early afternoon. I enjoy drinking a warm beverage throughout the day and wanted to find something to replace coffee. I buy a lot of things from and decided to start my search there. I found a number of products to choose from, and after reading the reviews, I decided on these three: Cafix, Caf-Lib, and Dandy Blend.

The first thing you must do when trying any coffee substitute is to set your expectations. The reviews I read said these products tasted like coffee. They do not taste like any coffee I have ever had. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are expecting a coffee-like taste when you try one of these, you will be disappointed. That was my experience. I drank my coffee black, and so that is how I prepared these. Perhaps with sweetener and/or creamer these do taste more like coffee.

I ordered all three products from, and the first to arrive was Cafix. Thinking it was like coffee, I used a level teaspoon just like I would with instant coffee. It tasted like really weak coffee. I tried adding more to make it stronger, but it still did not taste like coffee, and I was disappointed. I finished the drink and put my cup in the

After I thought about it for a while, I realized what I really wanted was a beverage I could drink throughout the day like I did coffee. Whether or not it tasted like coffee was not important. It’s not that Cafix tasted bad, it wasn’t what I was expecting. So I made myself another cup, and when I finished that one I made a third. By the end of the day I decided that Cafix wasn’t so bad after all, I actually enjoyed it.

A couple days later I received Caf-Lib and eagerly fixed myself a cup. First impression was good. Caf-Lib tastes similar to Cafix to me, but has more flavor. Caf-Lib is also stronger, so I use less to achieve the same strength. After comparing Cafix and Caf-Lib I decided that I prefer Caf-Lib.

The next day Dandy Blend arrived, and I fixed myself a cup right away. The directions say to use a slightly rounded teaspoon for a strong coffee like drink, so that’s what I did. Dandy Blend was a little slower to dissolve, requiring that I stir it longer. Not important really, just observation. Finally I took my first sip. To my amazement I found the taste
reminded me of Caf-Lib and Cafix. I think the reason is because none of them have the bitter taste of coffee. They are all very mild. Dandy Blend’s has slightly more flavor Cafix, but not as much as Caf-Lib.

#1: Caf-Lib
The most flavorful of these three and my favorite. I used one rounded teaspoon per cup. Has somewhat of a nut flavor.

#2: Dandy Blend
I used a slightly rounded (almost level) teaspoon per cup. It has somewhat of a smokey smell while stirring. More flavor than Cafix, but not as much as Caf-Lib.

#3: Cafix
I used one heaping teaspoon of per coffee cup. The taste is very mild.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a beverage. I prefer to drink them black, while you may prefer to use creamer and/or sweetener. Only you can determine which one would you prefer with your favorite snack. The reviews are good as a starting point, but I suggest you try all three to discover which one you will enjoy the most.

TarahRemlap, AL

wrong product

I ordered the instant beverage crystals. I got the powder instead. I wanted the beverage crystals because they dissolve better in water. I was unhappy with the powder.
ByronCrystal Falls, MI

Skeptic’s Choice!

Over the years I’ve bought and disposed of lots of coffee substitutes that were supposed to taste “just like coffee”, but didn’t. So, I was prepared to add this one to the compost too! I like my coffee strong, aromatic, and with an edge of bitterness. Could a drink made from roasted barley, rye, chicory and beet roots give me that? Well, as a natural-born skeptic, and generally immune to hype of any kind, I have to say that Cafix has become my afternoon and evening beverage of choice. Does Cafix taste “just like coffee”? No, because it isn’t. But its aroma and flavor are as good as and better than some real coffee I’ve known. And what’s more, it lets me sleep at night without the eight hour half-life of caffeine buzzing around in my being!
NancieBrookport, IL

Pero, Inka, Cafix review…

I bought a case of all three products, Inka, Pero and Cafix in order to compare them. Honestly? They are all the same, so go with whatever is the cheapest. I think I did like Cafix the best, but it may be a mental thing with the name at least sounding somewhat like Coffee. There is little difference in all three, they look identical with only tiny coloration differences. All by themselves they do not taste like coffee and if you are a black coffee drinker? Pass, because you will not be satisfied with the taste. It is very bland all by itself. BUT, if you like cream in your coffee? You won’t even notice the difference between coffee and these products within a week or two you will forget you are not drinking coffee. I am PERFECTLY happy with all three products and will continue to drink them;I will choose by PRICE due to the very similar make of them all. The cans all read the same ingredient wise.
PageDayton, MN


My Wife LOVES Cafix!! She loved coffee and has been looking for a suitable decafinated, low acid alternative for some time. She loves the taste especially with some French Vanilla creamer. Cafix does not aggrevate her Interstitial Cystitis.
KarlaPleasant Hill, OR

Cafix Fix isn’t bad.

As an IC patient I needed to find a coffee substitute. Granted, nothing tastes like the real thing. But at least I can have a warm drink without pain. I’m sure it’s all a matter of taste as to which brand you prefer. No matter,”Ain’t nothing like the real thing.” AND, “Something is better than nothing.”
LavoniaCape May Point, NJ

Enjoying “coffee” again!

I have not been able to drink coffee, or any drink with caffeine, for over 10 years. I miss the taste of coffee and having a warm cup first thing in the morning. I found Cafix, read the reviews and decided to try it. I was so surprised how much I liked it! To me it tastes like coffee. I have a hard time telling the difference and it even leaves the same aftertaste of coffee in my mouth. Now, that being said, it doesn’t taste like Starbucks or Peet’s, or any other high end roasted and ground product. It tastes more like coffee you’d make in a 10 cup drip maker with a can of Maxwell House, but I am OK with that. I added two rounded teaspoons to a cup of water I stuck in the microwave for 1:30. I added some Truvia and a splash of half and half and was in coffee heaven without the health detriments! I can’t wait to try it iced!! I highly recommend this product if you love the taste and ritual of coffee but can’t have caffeine.
CrisProctor, MT

It’s not coffee, but it’s not bad (it’s not great, either)…….

I agree, it’s pretty weak stuff, using a rounded tablespoon in 16 oz. of water. I think it’s bland even if I use two tablespoons. I regard the drink as hot brown water. I’d like just a little more character / personality.
I’m going to try some Pero to see how it compares.

UPDATE: Pero had more flavor, but it wasn’t good. It’s hard to describe. Maybe like someone stirred it with a crayon? And raw white flour?
Also, the powder didn’t dissolve as completely as Caffix’s crystals. I had a lot of foam on top.

I like Caffix better if I mix instant decaf with it. A ratio of 2/3 Caffix to 1/3 instant decaf. Much better.

BritniTreynor, IA

Cafix a good substitute for coffee.

Because of heart problems, I’m not able to use caffeine but I still like coffee.
Cafix is not coffee, but with cream and your favorite sweetener, it’s an excellent hot drink.
JimmySalem, AR

Finally a latte to love!

Been searching for a few months to find an acceptable coffee substitute since I can’t have caffeine anymore. Decaf coffee is ok but sometimes I still get the jumpies from it, my system doesn’t tolerate carob or chocolate, and I was getting tired of tea. What is a latte lover to do? Finally found Cafix at my local store and my search was over!! Yes, it tastes nothing like coffee but it has it’s own unique taste – slighty nutty, a little sweet, also is smoother than coffee. What I love is that it is quick to make, I make it with 1/2 almond milk, 1/2 hot water, microwave for 30 seconds, add a little cinnamon and it’s my go-to morning drink. As a famous commercial used to say “Try it, you’ll like it!!”
ElizElliott, SC

Not Bad

I do not drink coffee, but I love the taste of it. I am always on the hunt for a coffee substitute that will give me the taste. I have tried Postum, Pero, and Cafix. The first time I tasted Cafix I liked it, but to me it had a taste I was not sure about, but after drinking a few cups I started to really enjoy it. I bought two jars of it and I am getting ready to start my second jar. I am glad I bought it and will be ordering more soon. I am not a fan of Pero and I am very disapointed Postum is no longer available so Cafix is now my choice. I fix mine with a sugar substitute and half & half. I have also used flavored creamers, which I like from time to time in Cafix. It disolves well in hot water and does not leave any residue. If you are looking for a coffee substitute try Cafix and give it an honest try. I paid $10.00 for two 7 ounce jars and I think it was well worth the money.
CarmelitaHarrison, AR

This a wonderful coffee substitute for people with medical issues

I have a bladder disease and this product is perfect for a coffee substitue. Now I can have something warm to drink on cold winter mornings plus I get some fiber in my diet.
AnishaFinksburg, MD

I like this…

Bearing in mind that I wasn’t trying to imitate coffee (if I want coffee, I will just drink coffee,since I don’t have any issues with caffeine or coffee), so I wasn’t expecting it to taste like coffee, that’s not what I was going for. I must say, it’s GOOD! It’s got a much smoother flavor than coffee (some would call it “weak” but I don’t like strong coffee, either.) Really nutty and grain-y (meaning, it tastes like grain, not that it has a gritty texture!) very little if any bitterness to speak of (maybe the bitterness comes out if you add more crystals). On it’s own it has a nice sweetness and mild flavor- I’m not a black coffee drinker (yuck!) and I’ll occasionally drink tea “black” (certain types of tea), but this is definitely enjoyable on its own. If you add creamer it really DOES taste similar to coffee- if you handed me a cup of Cafix with creamer and told me it was coffee…I would probably believe you (though I might think your coffee tasted a bit “off”). You definitely need to make it stronger for creamer though…unlike coffee, my flavored Coffee Mate completely overwhelms this stuff.
DinahSalem, UT


Excellent hot drink. It tastes a little like Postum, and without any caffeine. I would certainly recommend it highly for an alternate for coffee.
MacyWinstonville, MS

Great product! Very Happy I got it

I tried this after reading reviews.. it is a great coffee substitute and even looks like coffee…crystals…
I had tried Pero first. It was good too, but sweeter… i use them both. I have GERD and cannot have coffee
unless I cheat….like when I went to Italy!! Yum.
JamiTillar, AR

Cafix – Nofix

Nice package but you cant drink the package. The product has no flavor no taste no smell nothing not even a scent or detection of coffee aroma what-so-ever. When I make my coffee I make it weak, I dont need a lot of coffee flavor to get the taste, so it wouldnt take to much for me to taste it, but this product is void of any coffee smells or taste.
I will never buy this again. I even tried adding some real coffee but not good.
UlaShingleton, MI

Earthy, nutty flavor, not the same as coffee, but great alternative!

My husband and I like good strong coffee, all day long, we like the smell, color, flavor, etc….except not always the caffeine. The one thing I don’t like is the effect of caffeine on the adrenal glands, so enters Cafix…it’s not the same as coffee, but it’s a tasty alternative for evenings or to mix with coffee (we’ll brew one strong k cup then add Cafix in hot water, essentially making two cups of Half-Caf).
CarolinRancho Santa Fe, CA

Close but not Postum

I see my review is pretty much in agreement with another review here. But I’ll put it here anyway.

I ordered this along with Pero Extra and Roastaroma to try the three. I’m a former Postum aficionado and had certainly developed quite a liking to Postum.

Really can’t take Pero Extra very much. I keep trying it again and again, prolly 10 times now, to see if I can develop a liking for it and just can’t. I’m sure some people may like it, but it’s just not for me.

Cafix is what I’ll usually go for, but it has a certain sort of built in sweetness (very mild, barely distinguishable)which comes from the beets that are added. Over time I’ve found it just sort of fills in some of the void from lack of Postum, and while it’s not a Postum replica it has certain Postum like qualities.

The Roastaroma actually is what I think tastes the best of the three, but it’s taste is just not at all like Postum, is however very balanced and has a nice maltiness to it. Often I’ll put just a little bit of Stevia powder in it. (I could always tell if I’ve ingested aspartame by (or nutrasweet, whatever) by how I felt, and try to verify any food/drink I ingest doesn’t have aspartame. I mean, an item which arose out of research into nerve agents for warfare, and itself found to be an effective weapon, really shouldn’t be passed off as a food item. Stevia is ground plant matter, even less processed that sugar.)The combo makes a really nice morning or late evening drink.

DejaBedford Hills, NY

As a hot, dark beverage, is OK.

If one thinks that it’s going to replace coffee with any of these Coffee substitutes, one is dreaming… They are O.K. as I said in the title, but it’s nothing like coffee. I’ve tried other substitutes and same story. It’s O.K. but not great.
ShenikaStockton, AL

excellent substitute for coffee

I love this product, smells so good first thing in the morning, I use 2 teaspoons in a cup, like it stronger. Very good with creamer or milk, I have to have my cream, that’s just me.
VivianHopwood, PA

Don’t Expect Coffee Flavor

I know some other reviewers have raved about this product stating it is mild, and is the closest thing out there to real coffee. Well, let me tell you if this is the closest thing we’re all screwed. When I made it the smell was akin to someone who just had a cigarette and then came inside and sat down next to you. Seriously, this stuff is pungent. And if you are a real coffee drinker who drinks it black to taste the flavor of the bean you will be disappointed. I understand this is a coffee substitute and realistically it’s not going to taste exactly like coffee but this isn’t even close. I promise I’m not an angry, bitter person just a coffee drinker who expected more. I did some research and found out about cold brewing which takes out approximately 70% of the acidity in the coffee which helps a GERD sufferer such as myself. You can use your favorite coffee to do it too and it tastes great because it is actually coffee. I used 12oz of coffee mixed in with 6 cups of water in a pourer container. Let sit for 24 hrs in fridge and then used a super fine strainer to keep out the grit and poured into a second container to hold the coffee concentrate in the fridge good for two weeks. I then used 1.5 ounces (a shot glass to the top) plus 6oz of hot water and it tasted exactly like my usual morning cup of coffee minus the heartburn and symptoms associated with GERD. They do make a French Press called the Bodum Bean which I just ordered to simplify the whole process.
MarianaCambridge, MD

Missing Postum

I’m looking for a Postum substitue and this isn’t it. It tastes nothing like Postum. I can’t rate it has a coffee substitute as I don’t drink coffee.
ZulaSalineville, OH

Tastes great !

The product is a generous amount. and is packaged in a glass bottle, which I love, because
I’ll reuse the jar.
I will buy this again!
DevorahWestchester, IL

Cafix coffee substitue

Its a long way from coffee and not even close to Postum. Looking for something with more taste. Mabe add mor chickory.
AnibalOverbrook, KS