Calbee – Grill-A-Corn Hot & Spicy Snack 2.8 Oz.


Quick facts

  • You’re sure to enjoy this delicious, baked, crispy, hot & spicy corn snack!
  • A unique alternative to regular potato chips
  • Also available in BBQ
  • Net Wt. 2.8 Oz.

Top reviews


These have the same basic shape and consistency of a Cheeto, so they are nicely crunchy, but aren’t hot or spicy. In fact, they don’t have much flavor at all.
IvanaRichland, GA

Possibly the best flavor of “Grill-A-Corn”

Unlike most corn-based snacks you find in the US, the corn flavor isn’t totally wiped out in processing. The consistency is like a Cheeto, but a light sweet corn flavor remains. I’ve tried the other flavors, but I find the red pepper flavoring makes a wonderful contrast to the lightly sweet base. Of course, if spicy isn’t your thing at all it’s not a good choice, but I find these are easily eaten without anything to cool your mouth (milk, etc) and fine with water.
MikelBartlett, OH