Caledonian Kitchen Haggis With Highland Beef, 14.5-Ounce Cans

Caledonian kitchen haggis with highland beef, 14.5-ounce cans (pack of 3) is a privately grown USDA Inspected Highland Beef version of our haggis. We hope you enjoy our offering from the best of the “rare auld breed.”

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 14.5-ounce cans (total of 43.5-ounces)
  • Privately grown USDA inspected highland Beef
  • Contains re-hydrated Oats, refined beef suet, water, onions and spices

Top reviews

First try of haggis – Excellent and perfect with certain dishes

I opened the can and had it slide out in a perfect can shape like Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. Sure it doesn’t impress by looking at it though heat it up and be impressed. The aroma of spices had a very savory, nutmeg laced with sage quality, and I topped it over mashed potatoes and turnips (called swede by the Scots) and whipping cream, which were then topped over pan-fried onions.

Very ancient cuisine and one I’ve gained an appreciation for. When first hearing about haggis being roasted in the heart of an animal, tossed in with various undesirable-to-eat organs, I had to ask a Scottish foreign exchange student about how undesirable it sounded. He naturally (being Scottish) told me it was very good. And of course the Highland beef haggis isn’t quite as traditional as lamb versions, and neither does this can utilize the traditional methods of organ meat other than liver. Whether or not the other versions are particularly better might be debated, and I wouldn’t be able to comment. The flavor alone works as a good compliment to other foods, and the texture works in favor of what I had prepared just now.

I’m interested in trying it along with the Irish stew by Caledonian Kitchen. The companies’ location is very near to where I live and I was hoping to drop by to see if it was possible to make pick-up orders. . . I suspect not as their website doesn’t offer it, and only through various vendors are you able to buy anything, though there isn’t much of any way to have a fairly consistent stock other than the internet.

OzieWever, IA

Loved It

I have never had haggis before and I wanted to try it.
I was very suprised It has a pleasently meaty flavor with a hint of spices.
MegClementon, NJ


Simply Delicious!

A taste of the highlands, easy to make, and great for any occasion! This is my 5th order, this time I used it to stuff a turkey!

MarianaSmicksburg, PA

Haggis is good stuff!

This product has a taste and texture sort of like corned beef hash, but more like ‘meat’ with a little liver thrown in.
WhitneyGalax, VA

Haggis in the states.

I purchased this for my English ladyfriend. She seemed to enjoy it. She ate it on toast with cheese, for lunch. She says it was milder than the mutton/barley haggis she was used to overseas.
SharilynMadawaska, ME