Calhoun Bend Mill® Peach Cobbler Mix

Discover what old-time bakers have known all along – that old-fashioned goodness make the very best cobblers. That’s why the Louisiana Peach Festival bestowed on us their highest honor, “The Official Peach Cobbler of the Louisiana Peach Festival.“ Reward your family with the indescribably delicious taste of our Peach Cobbler made the old-fashioned, Calhoun Bend Mill way.

Quick facts

  • 8 oz. (227g)
  • Just add your own fresh or canned fruit.
  • A great topping over fruit pies, dessert pizza, and sweet potatoes.

Top reviews

Not quite what I expected.

This is just a mix for the topping. You provide the fruit and oil/butter.

I expected a pie crust topping but the end result was similar to a buttery, cinnamon flavored, white-bread biscuit/Bisquick topping.
If you like pie crust toppings, this won’t work.
If you like rich biscuits, this won’t work.
If you like a crisp topping (oats, etc.), this won’t work.

If you want a light bread-like topping, this will work.

Easy to prepare! The batter floats to the top and bakes that way.

MardellMaplewood, WI