California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Cat & Kitten Food – 15 lb

California Natural Dry Cat and Kitten Food is made with only five Pure & Simple ingredients to meet the needs of your special cat. The wholesome, healthful ingredients in California Natural are the key to your cat’s good health, good coat, and good digestion. California Natural Cat and Kitten Food utilizes real chicken meat and chicken meal as its primary components. The whole brown rice in the formula is a high quality source of carbohydrates and natural fiber, while flaxseed and s

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  • 15-lb bag

Top reviews

Cats Seem to like it

I have four cats and they all seem to like this food. It was the only one in a dry form that I could find that didn’t have fish in it. It is also good for their diet, the chicken and brown rice is easy on the stomach.
CeceliaChandlers Valley, PA

Good quality and good value.

My older cat was totally spoiled by her previous owner, who fed her Friskies dry/wet food all the time (which contributed to her teeth getting rotten). I was able to switch her to Purina One Smartblend (a much healthier dry food) but was looking to add something with less fillers and more high-quality ingredients. We adopted a kitten who was eating Science Diet dry food at the shelter and I decided to switch her over to California Natural as well (SD has a lot of fillers in it despite being “Vet recommended”). CN was recommended at 3 different pet food stores by the employees, who feed it to their own cats (I also scored a few sample bags to test on my girls, which they took to without any problems).

Both of my cats love this food and haven’t had any adverse reactions. Their coats are still thick and shiny and their litter boxes are easier to clean as their poop is more compressed. The kibble itself is somewhat dense, but the crunchiness helps clean their teeth, which is a bonus. I mix CN with the Purina One and it’s been a great combination thus far.

As for LCM’s review, if the company switch bothers you then fine, choose another brand. I was unaware of any change as the ingredients list is exactly the same as it was last year. If something does change, I’ll edit this review, but for now, we’re all satisfied.

KeniaMedfield, MA

Great for sensitive tummies

My cats both have food allergies and they were throwing up even Purina Naturals. After one of them developed diabetes, a moderator of a Yahoo group for feline diabetes steered me towards this. We have had virtually no dietary problems, the occasional oops but not like before. They also seem to have less feces, which is a sign of a good diet. We have purchased 3 (15lb) bags since being informed of the P&G buyout, I have not noticed any differences but it may be hard to tell until the stock made by the previous manufacturer is exhausted. In the meantime, I plan on sticking with this food. I would like to try the Sweet Potato but don’t want to buy such a high cost food and then find out they don’t like it.
AaronPort Edwards, WI

Love it!

This is what we found after Science Diet discontinued their lamb and rice formula. One of our cats is allergic to fish and corn, so we settled on this because we couldn’t find anything else without those two ingredients. Well, lucky us. It’s the best cat food we’ve ever used. All of our cats like it. Our cat allergic friends have fewer problems with our cats than any others. We rarely see hairballs anymore. The cats are prettier and fluffier than ever. Great food. Hope it never changes.
FelipaSaint Johnsbury, VT

No More Throwing Up !!

Our cat loves this food and after years of tummy problems, we’ve finally narrowed it down to corn or wheat allergy. This “pure and simple” cat food is wonderful! Thank you so much for a great product!
RubieWinnisquam, NH

Best food for upset tummies

If you have a cat that has not been doing well, stomach wise, try California Natural. Ingredients are simple – chicken and rice. No corn, no soy, no yeast no anything that your cat could be allergic to. I had gotten a kitten and his stomach was not happy for almost one year. After numerous testing, different medications over the course of 8 months, my vet finally said maybe it was his food – I even went to a different vet for a second opinion. Second vet also said it could be his food. So, I started looking at ingredients in different dry cat foods and looked at California Natural – minimal ingredients so less for the cat to get sick on. Turns out this food worked for my fur baby and he’s now 7 years old and doing great.
GeneSasakwa, OK

Great for all cats, even sensitive stomachs

I have 2 beautiful wonderful kitties, but one has a sensitive stomach. It was a nightmare finding the right food but im so happy it is this one, not something with filler and something with better quality food, my pets health/life is more important than a higher priced cat food. She used to have problems but since switching to this food, no problems with the litter box and no hair balls, been months now and we finally have her healthy, along with her brother who was very small and grew a lot with this nourishment! I would highly suggest this brand for a more natural food for your pet! It is the only thing my little girl can tolerate besides human baby food chicken flavor, but together i know they both get the nutrients they need and they dont gorge on it ever resulting in a happier life for all of us with no intestinal upset!
JoieLanse, MI