Cambridge & Thames Mixed Fruit Drops

Fruit flavor, hard candy covered with powdered sugar. Assorted, fruit flavors in can. 5.3 oz

Quick facts

  • Old fashion hard candy
  • convenient can for easy access and storage
  • Various fruit flavors
  • Made in Germany

Top reviews

$3.49 for one tin of this great candy? seriously?

I purchased it at Old Time Pottery for $1.99— so i thought i would see if i could purchase this item on-line in bulk- then I saw the price– uh, i don’t think so. what a rip. i did see a site that shall go unnamed that sells it for $1.39 but shpping is kind of steep but even with shipping it is a bargain compared to $3.49— i am kind surprised that this item is so expensive at Amazon
TheaHartford, MI

great sweets

I love this candy, it is a slice of heaven! not many artificial colors, and it tastes great. i recommend it!!
LorinaWashington, KS